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Accelerating Sales to Scale your Business

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You might be thinking that you’ve heard everything about email marketing. Think again because this episode is full of information that you haven’t heard before. Paul talks to Chris Orzechowski, who has a passion for writing and has spent six years effectively writing and perfecting their craft. He shares his way of building an email list, the right frequency to email your clients and a new metric to measure the success of your list.



04:22 – What are the key problems Chris helps to solve? He helps brands to achieve more profitability with email marketing rather than advertising.

07:46 – Tips on getting people onto your email list. Leverage someone else's list.

10:50 – This is what most of us are missing in email marketing. The secret is in the frequency.

13:00 – How often you should clean your list? Quick answer: it depends.

14:54 – Key elements to assess in an email marketing list. Learn a new metric to follow.

17:10 – How do you present your offer to your clients? Test the waters and validate your ideas.

19:50 – Cold emails. Before you start cold emailing, make yourself into an important person.

24:31 – Video email. Being really helpful will start a conversation with people.

26:45 – Writing your own copy vs hiring an agency. It depends on different variables.

29:08 – Email Copy Academy course. It's a crash course about email copywriting.

31:37 – The Rapid Fire Section. Sales habits.



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Tips on getting people onto your email list

The best way to do it is to leverage what Chris calls OPP, Other People’s People. No matter how small your list is, somewhere, someone out there already has your customers. They’re already on other people’s lists, and you just need to get them over to your list somehow. Check who are the influencers they follow, who are other people in your space that you can have some partnership or relationship with, and see if there’s a way where you can help them out because they could help you out.

You can come up with a product together or team up to create a content series. There’s always a way to leverage someone else’s list, and it’s not about taking their audience. You always found businesses that happen to have the same customers but offer different services. The services are complimentary.

For Chris, JV webinars or promotion is the fastest way to grow a list. It’s not always easiest to get, but there’s nothing like the velocity that comes from a JV webinar. When someone sends an email for an event, they suddenly have 250 subscribers in two days. And that’s pretty big for people who are trying to grow their lists.


Best practices in email marketing: frequency

Where’s the limit of where people think is too much? If you’re not emailing consistently and you’re afraid to do more because you believe the moment you increase your frequency, whether you go from once a month to once a week or from once a week to twice a week, you’re going to have a big spike in unsubscribes, and you are going to lose your list. Breaking news: That doesn’t happen. In fact, the complete opposite happens. Maybe you will see a bit of a spike in unsubscribers the first week, but then it will level off.

The main thing to understand is that as long as you are frequently emailing, the people who want to stay there, read your content and engage with you, they’ll stay there. You don’t have to worry about emailing too much. When you increase your frequency, you get a tighter, more engaged audience over time because people who were not engaged will automatically filter themselves out. And you will also start to make more sales because you develop a deeper relationship. If you have a friend who you talk to every day versus a friend who speaks to twice a year, which one are you closer friends with? The person you talk to every single day. It’s the same thing with you on marketing.


The email marketing metric: Earnings per subscriber

There are many data to follow in email marketing, such as messages, open rates, clicks, unsubscribes, engagement, etc. But, do you know how much money are you earning every month from your list? Chris uses earnings per subscriber. And the way you calculate that is if you earned, let’s say, $20,000 from your product or services sales for your email marketing this month. You have 2000 people on your list, which means you have $10 earnings per subscriber. 

This number encapsulates all of the other metrics in one. And it can break down so you can also try different things like smaller segments, increase the price of the products, increase the frequency of emails, and so much more. And then you will get a different number.


Tips on sending cold emails

Turn yourself into someone important, when you cold email, you can share details such as I’ve worked with these clients, I’ve done these things, I’ve spoken on these stages, I’ve written these books, I’ve been on 50 podcasts, and so on. Here’s the deal. If Elon Musk reached out to you because he wanted to do some kind of deal with you, you’d answer back right away because it’s Elon Musk, and he’s a super important person.

Obviously, we’re not going to be at that level, but there’s something to be said about having some gravitas around you and the character of the legend you build in the marketplace that helps you out when you are doing cold email. And it’s also about starting a relationship and being genuinely helpful but not selling right off the bat.


Writing your own copy vs hiring an agency

It depends on how much you enjoy it writing, how frequent you’re emailing, and what other initiatives you have in the business. And you get to the point where your sales are handled, and you need someone else to take something off your plate so you can get to the next level. When you have that time back, you can apply that at a different level. The idea is to write your emails as much as you can until you develop a certain style and know what angles work so you can hand it off to someone.


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The Rapid Fire Section

What are some of the daily habits that you do to help to accelerate your sales?

I write every single day. It’s not easy, but it’s one of those things where you get better and then it becomes fun. And then you don’t want to stop doing it because every time you hit the send button, you make money. But it’s not even just the money; It’s just the engagement because, if you write about good stories, people like that, they like you better. You start conversations with people, and it’s a really cool way to build your business.


What are some of the tech tools you use to accelerate your sales?

Thrivecart. I’m so in love with Thrivecart. They have this thing called Learn, which is like a membership portal, and it’s very easily sank up and integrated with their shopping carts and the same actual application. So we moved everything over there, and it’s phenomenal. It’s a really clean user experience, and they have all the features that we need.


What’s your best source of leads for new client acquisition?

I think where I get the best leads is from my content. I’m a very prolific blogger. Since 2016 I’ve been blogging, and for the first 18 to 24 months, no one really knew who I was, but you need to continue publishing to get better.

For me, just continuously blogging and putting up content over and over again, people just knew me as someone who has something to say. My mentality was how do I make my blog valuable. And I don’t know if we’ve achieved that yet, but that’s the long-term goal. So as long as we continue to add good content where people can go to our site, read the blogs and say, wow, this stuff is great, they’ll always come back and make them customers.


What is one action that someone can take to 10 X their sales today?

I would start adding one extra email a week and giving people a glimpse. I call this the behind the scenes at HQ email in which you tell people what happens in the business? What’s going on the factory floor? What are you cooking up? What’s coming next? What have you been working on? People are afraid to tell people about the things going on in their business, but that’s the best thing you could do. So if you start doing that once a week, you’re going to get more retention and more repeat sales. It’s another excuse to email and includes links to buy things. So I think it just that compounding effect really does a good job for sales and everything else.


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About Chris Orzechowski

Chris Orzechowski is the owner of Orzy Media, an email marketing agency for online businesses.

He’s also the author of two bestselling books on email marketing.




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