The key benefits of listening 

  1. Why remove yourself from the sales
  2. How to remove yourself from sales


The 11 actions to give to your team

  1. All Linkedin profile views
  2. All incoming requests
  3. Responding to ideal clients who have liked and commented on my posts
  4. Sending connection requests
  5. Endorse skills and like posts
  6. Manage all my Linkedin messages – this is a massive saving of sales time
  7. Sending my words and videos to initial prospects to move them towards a sales call
  8. Maintaining my sales CRM – Copper
  9. Reaching out to ideal clients in my newsfeed
  10. Looking for ideal clients on influencer posts
  11. Sending birthday messages


The key actions

  1. Track your sales time and be honest with yourself
  2. Analyse what you could give to one of your team members
  3. Book a call at and I am happy to show you how you could learn from me to save you valuable time




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