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So today’s topic is: How To Get High Quality B2B Leads.


You will learn the three steps to do that. And also a great Free Live Webinar that I’ve got coming up to help you. So, if you’re a High Six or Seven Figure Service-Based Owner who is looking to generate high-quality leads, you might’ve come across some of these challenges.

  1. Is that you get referrals, which is great, but they’re lumpy and inconsistent.
  2. You really don’t have a sales system. You try to hand it off. It just doesn’t work.
  3. Is that you still sell, like it’s offline, right? You’re still involved in every step of the sales process, even though there’s technology and video and other things that you can tap into.

You feel like you can’t take time off the business because sales don’t grow right, So you are pressured from home, you know: ‘We want to see you more, why don’t you take a couple of weeks off, it’s school holidays.’ Whatever those pressures are, but you feel like if you’re not there, there’s no sales. And also you’ve tried both commission-based and also hiring a full-time person that hasn’t really worked for you. And also you’ve had experts that have said, I’ll come in, I’ll fix this for you. And if you like me, you’ve sort of been left in the lurch and I get this because this was me.


We had a business, a tech consulting business called Scale My Empire. And I had a great business partner, Scott, and we’d thought we’d hit the jackpot. We’re getting consistent leads from our SAS partner, which was Copper sales CRM, which is a great solution, but they changed strategies. And basically, we then had to generate our own. What complicated things were that I was going through a transplant at the same time. So I couldn’t do the sales room or the volume of sales that I used to. So I had to find a solution to solve this. And it was a little bit before COVID. it was back in 2019, and the great news is that we actually sold the business at a really strong multiple because of the work that we did.

And that’s where I want to share with you today. So get ready and you might be worth having a pen, or you can go back to it if you’re out riding your bike. Like I often do listening to a podcast, obviously with the volume very low.


1. Remove yourself as the only touch point.

Pretty obvious. Right. But as I mentioned before, you’re mainly selling face-to-face, it doesn’t need to be that way. Online you can use technology. So why not create a great sales funnel to help you? So people get to like, know and trust you.

So often people will jump on a call with me and say, yes, I’ve heard you on your podcast. You know, I’ve read some of your posts. They say, look, I know a bit about you. They’ve seen my story on my LinkedIn profile.

And a couple of key quick examples that have worked really well for us. And I’m sure they’ll work for you.

  • Is a Masterclass and it might be 10 minutes. My long one is up to 22 minutes, but it really goes through what are the key pain points, who might be having those, and solutions to solve it. So they’re ready when they get on a call with you.
  • The other one is assessments, right? And you can go and have a look at mine at paulhigginsmentoring.com/assessment is 15 questions, three minutes. And you’ll see, it’s really helping someone identify the gaps themselves, it’s benchmarking. And then I’ll give a strategy call at the end of it.
  • The other one is to get a VA, whether it’s a sales admin person or a VA, get them in to help you, right? There’s a lot of things, especially on LinkedIn that you don’t need to do by yourself.

So, that’s the first one, remove yourself as the only touch point.


2. Is leveraging LinkedIn to build authority.

As I said, you can get some help from a VA to do it, but what do you do?
Well, the first thing is LinkedIn is a place to be according to Gary V that’s right! He’s on the bandwagon. So is everyone else. And there’s 720 million active users. So some people would say, well, there’s a lot of noise. There’s a lot of spam, but believe me, it still can be done well. And if you’re doing it well, you get huge success.

You know, for our community, I’ve got over two and a half thousand leads for the community. Last year I alone got two and a half million views, right. Views to my posts! I wasn’t seen by anybody and it’s just blowing my business up.

So, the two key things you can do, two phases. The three pieces, It’s pretty simple.

  1. Profile, right? Have your profile talking to your ideal client. And if you want to know more details on this, you can go to Build your authority on LinkedIn and I’ve got a great nine steps to go through.
  2. Posting, right? All the effort, you’re probably doing at posting at the moment we do love to get between five and 50,000 views a post. That’s right. I got 2.5 million. Cause I’ve got a formula on exactly how to get the results. And what that does is it builds your authority. So when people connect, they connect saying, I saw your post or someone referred you to me because of your posts. You’re building authority. So it’s easier to sell. People like experts.
  3. It’s the possibilities you’ve got with your profile right, you’ve got your posting, then you can do the outreach.


The other one is the sales focus. So that’s phase two. I’ll go through it quickly. But we do marketing assets. Like it might be:

  • A Book.
  • A Podcast.
  • Your Masterclass.
  • An Assessment.
  • Your sales funnel. That I’ve covered for many existing clients.

There’s so much value there, especially you might be over-servicing your clients, right? So how do we go about changing that then looking for new clients? And yes, there is the LinkedIn strategy, but we also look at other things organic and also channel partners, which I’ll talk more about.

And then it’s the Sales systems and support. And if you haven’t got a sales CRM, whether it’s Copper, which is great for G-mail or whatever, you are letting sales fall through the cracks, stop it. Okay. Just do it. It’s 49 bucks. How much is a client worth to you?

And that’s 49 bucks a month, by the way, on average.

So now that we’ve covered how to remove yourself as the only touch point, LinkedIn, to build authority.


3. The last one is Sales Channel Partners, who sell to many.

So it’s linked to LinkedIn instead of getting one client at a time, would it be great to sell on LinkedIn, one person that they can give you let’s say 10 clients a year? Wouldn’t that be great? Okay. Because sales is your most important asset.

Let me give you a real example of this. So Dubb is a fantastic platform, a sponsor of our show. They’re a video marketing platform. I use it for all my outreach and I use it basically for everything with videos that have to do with sales. Cause it’s a lot more personal. It’s great. But you know, they’ve got a huge audience.

They’ve got let’s say 30,000 people or more. And they’ve got people that got the product and aren’t using it, or want to work out why they should have the product.

I go on and show them exactly how to pick up clients and leads using Dubb. So that’s great. Their clients sign up, they get new licenses. And for me, some people say, Hey, Paul, I like what you do. I’d like to find out more. And they become clients. It works really well. And a quick shout out to Peter who came through as a client from that exact experience.

So, another example of how these three steps work is Matt Yahes from Extend Your Team, a brilliant outsourcing provider. He’s got an amazing run rate. He just started his business late last year. Now he’s already up to a 500K run rate per annum, based on some of the channel strategy partners we’ve got him. Scott Gellatly from IT Genius, GP’s up 30% in COVID times because of the sales system that we built.


So if you’d like to find out exactly how to quickly scale and escape a referral-only business to create a steady stream of high quality leads.

We’ve got a Live Webinar for you. It’s on the 17th of February 2:00 PM EST. I know this episode comes out on about the 9th of February . So that gives you a lot of time to register. Go to buildlivegive.com/sales, or you can go to paulhigginsmentoring.com/sales, and you can register.


Okay. Key actions from today:

  1. Is register for the webinar.
  2. If you’re listening before the 17th of February 2:00 pm EST. If you’re not, please map out your key actions upon
  3. These three steps

You can get all the links in the show notes at paulhigginsmentoring.com/podcast episode 274 on the app you’re listening to, I recommend the pocket cast app . Listen to episode 0.5. If you’re new and if you are a regular, you can do it as well, but it gives you a great overview. Register again for the Live Free Webinar at paulhigginsmentoring.com/sales, please connect and follow me on LinkedIn. That’s where I put out a lot of great content. If you know someone interested in B2B lead generation, please share this with them. They’d love you for it.

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