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Creating content is one of the biggest challenges for business owners. But they also know that is how they can get the word out and build authority. Matthew Hunt is here to help busy B2B founders to scale their leads and sales by leveraging automated marketing funnels.

In this conversation, he shares the three stages to fast-track the like, know, and trusted process, which will lead you to get a month’s worth of content for your LinkedIn done in an hour. And he also revealed the two-call sales closure process that will half your sales cycle time.



3:26 – What are the key challenges Matthew helps to solve? Time is the biggest challenge.

5:52 – Creating demand for B2B businesses. Three pillar process.

9:43 – Three steps to follow the three pillar process. Break down of the three pillars.

15:27 – How to go from being the talent to becoming a talent scout. Switch the focus from you outwardly to your ideal prospects and your clients.

24:00 – Why should you delete your connections on LinkedIn? Less is more.

31:30 – SEO component on LinkedIn. You need to understand the basics, but don’t forget to create content for humans.

38:37 – The Rapid Fire Section. Matt’s sales habits.


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Creating demand for B2B businesses

After working 15 years in marketing and owning two digital marketing agencies, Matthew took a break and started to see things with perspective. He realized there is a universal process to create demand for B2B business and came up with a three-pillar process.

  1. Short-form pillar or discoverability. Here is where people get to know you.
  2. Long-form pillar or ability. Here is where you get to demonstrate your knowledge, and people get to like you.
  3. Controlled-form pillar or community. Here is where people get to trust you.


Three steps to follow the three pillar process

Step 1

You’re part of a small business (about half a million to a million dollars a year in revenue), and you need to create a one-to-many selling system. This means you need to stay top of mind with your network and start conversations with your ideal prospects. Step one is short-form snackable content on LinkedIn and staying consistent with it. If you’re just consistent with the top of mind with your existing network, you will get more referrals, or you will keep your current clients longer.

Step 2

You want to create a monthly digital workshop. This is an opportunity to do one-to-many selling in a workshop manner in an hour. In the first 30 minutes, you genuinely try to help people create transformation in their business, and in the second half hour, you tell them how they can either enter your marketing funnel with an offer or a lead magnet or how they can get in touch with you If they want more.

Step 3

You want to create a local community. And the easiest way to do one‑to‑many selling in a local community is to run a mastermind dinner. This is an opportunity for you to get together with your ideal prospects, and it’s the fastest way to earn trust quickly without necessarily selling. 

Your objectives should be to build community, goodwill and reciprocity. Most people set up their objectives as marketing qualified leads and sales qualified leads. But they’ve already set themselves up to fail because they have the wrong mindset. What they need to do is to build more trust quickly and more community unity. And the by‑product of that it’s leads and sales.


Why should you delete your connections on LinkedIn?

It’s easier to get more impressions and engagement from a personal brand with 400 connections than someone with 30,000 connections. Why? What gets engagement or reach is usually your genuine relationships with those individuals. Those people tend to engage much more with your content or dwell with it. If you’re connecting blinding with people who are technically strangers, they’re not going to engage. 

When you publish a piece of content in LinkedIn, the platform takes a random group of your first connections and shows them your content. If it shows it to the wrong group, the people who maybe wouldn’t engage with it because they don’t have a relationship with you, it doesn’t end up going anywhere. The foundation is always a start with the smallest possible list, so you might need to delete some connections before expanding them.


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The Rapid Fire Section

What are the sales habits that help you be successful every day?

Figuring out a one-to-many selling strategy and understanding how to close sales quickly. I have what’s called a two call closure process. And I think that is the biggest crunch for most B2B salespeople. They get stuck in this endless sort of sales follow‑up, and it’s because they don’t have a process to it.


What are some of the tech tools you use to accelerate your sales?

I use a CRM that I’m very happy with. It’s excellent, and it’s called High Level. As agency owners, they all should invest in High Level because it’s a great piece of technology and also because it makes them an instant SaaS company that they can resell to their existing clients.


What is one action that someone can take to 10 X their sales today?

It always comes back to consistency. We are the sum of our daily habits. You’re looking for something that you can actually stay consistent with because you have to understand the laws of compound interest. This is why Albert Einstein said those that understand compound interest earn it. And those that don’t pay it. Whatever you need to do, you need to know that you need to stay consistent and work on something that compounds over time. The challenge is that most people understand the idea of the snowball effect, but they usually give up before the snowball starts rolling down the hill. So don’t give up so early; consistency is key, and then make sure whatever it is you’re investing in it compounds at the end of the day. It aligns well with that universal law.


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About Matthew Hunt

Matthew Hunt knows that no one likes to be marketed to, or sold to, especially prospects.

After scaling and exiting 2 search marketing agencies, he’s committed himself to teaching busy B2B CEOs how to more easily scale leads and sales with less effort, less time, and less money.

His company, Automation Wolf, is known for helping clients generate a full month of LinkedIn content in just one hour per week.


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