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Accelerating Sales to Scale your Business

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As business owners, their knowledge is their biggest asset. But how do they use it to build a scalable business? Creating different revenue streams is the best solution. However, where do you start?

Paul talks to Dale L. Roberts, a self-publishing advocate, a YouTube content creator, about bringing in additional revenue sources. During this episode, Dale shares some ideas on this topic, in addition to YouTube hacks and another tip to improve your sales.



04:23 – These are the most common problems authors come to Dale. Lack of sales, advertising and marketing strategies, and so on.

07:43 – Building additional revenue streams. Keep yourself open to the options that are out there.

12:38 – Why consultants should have a Youtube channel. It’s the second most used search engine.

16:00 – Tips to make your Youtube channel better. Use what resources you have available to you to start your whole business.

22:50 – Tips on sales habits. Know your audience.

25:15 – What are some of the daily habits that you do to help to accelerate your sales?

27:20 – What's your best source of leads for new client acquisition?

29:58 – What is one action that someone can take to 10 X their sales today?


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How to build additional revenue streams?

Merchandise. There are so many platforms where you can upload content for free. Places like Merch by Amazon, Spreadshirt, Teespring, Zazzle, among others.

Online courses. What type of knowledge or skill set you have is unique to the world that you can monetize. 

Consulting and coaching. You should be charging top dollar for your time. And you could also do group coaching, where you’re able to charge people a lot less per head.

Video and audio. Whether you’re doing a podcast or a YouTube channel, make yourself visible. People are going to start to trust you more and invest more in you.

Why consultants should have a Youtube channel

Google owns YouTube, and Google is the most widely used search engine online today. The second would be YouTube. So by putting your content on YouTube, it is a great way of just search engine optimizing what you’re doing and getting it to where you’re going to be found a lot easy.


Tips to make your Youtube channel better. 

  • Use what resources you have available to you to start your whole business.
  • Make your videos as long as they need to be.
  • Get to the point because that’s what people really want.
  • Let your thumbnail and title visually tell your story.


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The Rapid Fire Section

What are some of the daily habits that you do to help to accelerate your sales?

I prioritize each one of my days based on my goals. Those things that move the needle need to be addressed first and foremost, meaning that if it is generating revenue, double down on it. For me, what moves the needle is YouTube. Me doing a video of some sort, me crafting a very good video, as well as crafting that very good thumbnail and title, make a world of difference.


What are some of the tech tools you use to accelerate your sales?

My camera is the thing. If you give me a webcam and a microphone, I’m ready to go. And that right there is the thing that makes and moves the needle.


What’s your best source of leads for new client acquisition?

YouTube is given, but a lot also comes from my email marketing. I’ve got a team member who actually manages my email marketing campaigns, so I will end up getting clientele. She will typically put a call to action like “if you’ve got any questions, concerns, make sure you hit reply on this.” And I answer at least one question for somebody who emails me. And at that point, I’ll have some type of a boilerplate type thing right below it where I say: “Hey if you have any other additional questions, join my Facebook group or my Discord. This helps me mitigate any time loss that’s not within the confines of a one‑on‑one coaching session. And that brings me in thousands in revenue.


What is one action that someone can take to 10 X their sales today?

I’ve been waiting on the right podcast to say this one here. This is what I typically would do. As you start to grow your following through social media, your website blog or YouTube channel, you’re going to have some followers that would love to spend time with you, but they’re not ready to invest just yet. So we’re going to equip these folks with as much information as possible. What I will do is what I call “Goodwill booking”. 

I will put out something publicly saying that I am going to work with everybody in a complimentary session to where I will answer their questions within 30 minutes. No sales, no upsells, no trick. I would give them 25 minutes to blow them away. Once it gets to that five minutes, till the end of the half-hour, I’ll start to do the disconnecting, and I’ll say: “Can you do just one favor? Share any of the points that you pick from this on social media and tag me.”

And you’ll get all these different testimonials of people, a hundred per cent free. It’s like getting advertising without having to pay for it. If you did your job just good enough, at least 20% of the people would automatically enter that last five minutes ago. And then you’ve got a follower who’s going to be forever loving what you’re doing and sharing.


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About Dale L. Roberts

Dale L. Roberts is a self-publishing advocate, award-winning author, and video content creator. Dale’s inherent passion for life fuels his self-publishing advocacy both in print and online.

After publishing over 50 titles and becoming an international bestselling author on Amazon, Dale started his YouTube channel, Self-Publishing with Dale. Voted by Feedspot among the Top 50 YouTube channels about self-publishing, Dale cemented his position as the indie-author community’s go-to authority.

Dale currently lives with his wife Kelli and cat Izzie in Columbus, Ohio.

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