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I love to listen to podcasts as you do, and always follow up questions, if you feel the same just go to paulhigginsmentoring.com/questions and lodge yours and I promise to answer it please check out past shows on your favorite platform, just search Build, Live, Give, and I wonder, you know, what platforms are you using? Are you using Spotify? I use a little app that I normally talk about in my interviews called Pocket Casts that's great, but I'd love to know what you're listening to and a big shout out to Wes for their question on how I can get more views on LinkedIn.

So they basically approached me and said, look, you know, how can I get more views? Just not for myself, but one of their clients. 


So today's topic is, How To Be Seen By 3 Million People On LinkedIn.

And you'll learn the five actions to get seen on this amazing B2B platform.

So in February, 2009, I had a kidney transplant from my best mate, an amazing gift and it just keeps giving. And then in May of the same year, I decided that now it's time to start marketing myself again. I was a little bit reserved because of having major health issues, but it was time now to open up. So I reached out to a guy called Joshua B. Lee, and he's a LinkedIn guru for some of those gurus in our industry. I can't name them, but I took some things that he taught me, which was brand.

And then you know, I started posting organically. And from then, until now, we've just tipped over 3 million views and people might say, look, isn't that vanity. And look, I hear you. And I understand that, but you also get clients from it, right? Because people that view don't necessarily always like and comment. And then the last four months alone, I've got over a hundred thousand dollars in revenue, just from people that have either seen a post or reached out to me the first time being referred to someone they've seen a post and said, Hey, you need to speak to Paul. Or the other one is where old networks have come back and said, look, you know, I now see what you're doing. I want to do that, etcetera. So it's not a bad exercise for 15 minutes a day, sorry, 15 minutes, three times a week when I post.

So I was asked to do a review, as I said, for a consulting business owner and look at their posts. And they were doing a lot of effort, not getting a lot of returns. So I gave them the feedback and the five key areas. And I want to give those to you. So I won't go to the specifics of their profile, but I'll give you the key one. 


So number one is the theme, and I read through a month of posts for this particular person. I could see there was no clear theme, so their profile was clear, but their posts weren't. So certainly get them aligned. And there are nine themes you can use to engage people, right? And I recommend picking, you know, at least three of them that you change out. So I'll quickly go through them.

  1. Relatable stories. So for example, you know, how LinkedIn messages suck, because everyone knows that. What I learned about the next is, or another one could be, you know, what I learned from picking a marketing expert.
  2. Thought provoking referrals is the only way to get sales. That's an example of that.
  3. Open-ended questions, what is your SSI score on LinkedIn? Not everyone knows it. Show how to get it and then get them to post their score on the comment. You know, you are asking open-ended questions and polls sort of fit in that as well 3. A personal moment. So for me, you know, when I spoke about my kidney transplant and then getting people to please donate their organs, ego bite so this is where you might mention top 10 podcast is so the people that you listen to and that's basically drawing their audience to your posts, and it's also, you know, giving them a wrap for what they do.
  4. Hacks or tips, so for example, you know, it might be how to structure a sales call, a controversial post, so Facebook ads are a waste of time and money.
  5. Last one is giveaways. And I really love this one where you may give them like a... - So I do a sales call template, and I'd say comment ''sales'' below, cause comments with double what a like is on LinkedIn and the way that the algorithm works.


So you can actually get those things. I went through them pretty quickly, just go to buildlivegive.com/theme.


So number two is format.

So I really, and this is sort of the order that I think works best. So text only works really well. And a lot of people go, no, surely an image or a photo works better. No, believe me, text-only posts work the best and perform well. And when I looked at this person's profile, they hadn't done any text-only posts. The next is texts and PDF posts, so the algorithm works on dwell time. So if you have like a 10 page PDF, so you upload that and people spend time going through that, that's going to definitely help you get higher views and rank higher in the algorithm, so that's the text and PDF and just go to my profile and you'll see some examples of that. Next is polls. When people select the option, you can actually see which option they've selected. Then you can reach out to them specifically around the option they took. So that's really cool. Photos are good, but they don't work as well as a PDF. And really, I only do it when I've got something personal: -so a photo of me, cause otherwise it just looks like a promotion and wallpaper and LinkedIn algorithm doesn't love them. Last one's a video. So one to two minutes max, add captions and I recommend ClipScribe, and that's a great format to go in. And once again, look at my post as an example. So I'm going through these pretty quickly.


Number three is an intriguing statement.

So have a statement above the fold in the, in the post, on the desktop. So what I always do is I have the statement and then I have five to six spaces that I create so that the actual body of it is below the ''see more'' right. And that creates intrigue. Right. And just think of yourself as a journey. Like what would stop you from viewing to open, to like, or comment or read more, do that. And so many times, I just see people sort of shove everything at the top and, you know, it's, it's boring, right? If it's boring, people won't open it.


So before I go on a four and five, I like to talk to you about leadjet.io ever looked at a LinkedIn profile and had to manually put the information into sales, CRM? It's a pain ever sent someone a message on LinkedIn and had to copy and paste into your sales CRM. You know, whether it's you or your team doing it. It's a waste of time. So no more with Leadjet.io. It does both of these activities automatically for you, and it sinks with most of the major sales CRM's, and they're constantly improving them. So at the moment, Copper Pipe Drive, HubSpot, Salesforce, etcetera. So why not check it out for yourself, go to buildlivegive.com/leadjet.


So the number four is post content, right?

And to be honest, it really should be a story, right? You want to engage people. So the headline captures them. Yes. But then you want to sort of engage with them and make it as if you were wanting to read it yourself and write much more about them than about you and have it sort of maximum two sentences paragraph. So it's really easy to read, especially because most people are reading it on their mobile, you know, make sure there's, which default gives you plenty of white space. Also ask a question to get them to comment, because as I said, remember, yep comment to a double what I like is so make sure you're always asking a question to comment, use three to nine hashtags and use large following so often I see people that create the unique one and that just won't get any because once you trigger the algorithm, then it expands in the hashtags that you've used and a consistent signature. And ultimately, if you want to say all of this in practise, just go to Paul Higgins Mentoring on LinkedIn, or you can to blgprofile.com and get that.


So last but not least number five is comments, right?

Because people have taken the time and effort to do it. You want to reward them. So go back and like, and comment on those. You might do all of them. If you've got lots of comments, like I get hundreds of comments sometimes, but certainly for your ideal clients, you want to do that. And then you want to reply to them with the exact comment. If they're not a first connection, send a request talking about it, if they send that exact post and what they commented on and engage with them, right. I think that's really important and that's going to help because the algorithm, as I said, is worth that's right. Two versus one.

So Five things that we went through today and in the first one is theme, the second is formats, third is intriguing statement, four is posts content, and five is comments. And I will be doing this as a post on LinkedIn. So please follow me and connect with me to get that. And also I'm measuring all of my results, those 3 million views on shieldapp.ai, all of those links will be in the show notes.


Three actions from today:

I think my voice is just lasting. 

  1. Look at my posts, as I said to really see, you know, why I'm getting 3 million views. 
  2. Implement one action from the five that we went through today. 
  3. Get the themes at buildlivegive.com/theme. 


You can get all the links as I said in the show notes, just go to paulhigginsmentoring.com/podcast. It's episode 306 or in the app that you're listening to listen to episode 0.5, if you're new. And if you know someone interested in building their authority and gaining revenue, which is most important, please share this with them. They'll love you for it. Please take action to Build Live and Give.



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