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As a business owner, you want to help people solve a problem. But on top of offering your services, you could also add value to every step of the sales funnel. In this solo show, you will learn some examples of adding value in real life and how you could apply those to your sales funnel.


1:02 – I add value in my daily life as much as in my business.

4:22 – How to add value in your sales funnel.

6:50 – Three key actions from today


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How do you add value in your daily life?

I am a fanatical golfer. And the other day, I was playing with Jack, an 85-year-old member of the club that I’m part of. He’s a great guy with an excellent sense of humour. But he finds it hard to walk at the moment. So he went in a couple of bunkers on that particular day, and I offered to rake the bunkers for him. It took me two more minutes. I was going to walk slowly because I had to wait for him anyway. And he was so appreciative. He said no one had ever done that to him before. It was easy for me to do it, and Jack was incredibly happy.

Another quick example is the next-door neighbours. They have a three‑year‑old and a one‑year‑old; lovely, amazing children and beautiful people. It was very hot here in Melbourne, Australia, at the moment. So I decided to invite them over for a swim, and they had a wonderful time. I must admit I enjoyed it probably more than the kids did. On both occasions, I felt great for giving value to someone, and it was really easy for me to implement.


How to add value in your sales funnel?

– Introduction to an expert: Often, people share they’re struggling with something that might not be what you do, but you can recommend an expert to help them. I’ve got a list of over 600 experts around the world. So if you’re looking for one, just hit me up at [email protected]

– Podcast on a particular topic: I listen to a lot of podcasts and produce mine, so if I think of a show that would be perfect for a client or partner, I take a little note.

– Feedback on their website or Linkedin profile: Sometimes, people struggle with their message or LinkedIn profile, and they haven’t updated in a long time. So you can offer to give them some feedback. I do, in fact, a free LinkedIn review for some of my clients.

– Introduce a potential client: You may know someone in need of your client/partner’s service, so you can introduce them.

– Open the door to a potential partner: In your network, you may have partners that would be ideal complementary to what they do.

– Send them a framework that solves their challenge: You’ve probably got lots of frameworks that you have for your client. It doesn’t hurt to give them one of those that solve an immediate problem now.

– Send them a video with a suggestion: Texts is excellent, but maybe you could help them solve something, and you could show them on video.


Three key actions from today

1. Look for value and opportunities out there everywhere.
2. Create a list of them, and keep them in your sales CRM.
3. Posts on socials and tag me.


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