How To Add Value In A Sales Call

Sales Strategies for Consulting Businesses

Paul explains how he adds value to sales calls by giving clients referrals to experts. The goal: build trust so clients are more likely to work with you in the future.

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Today's topic is how to add value in a sales call. So you'll learn how to, when to, and some important examples that I've got for you. We all have heard the saying left, left, right, Jeff from Gary V or add value on a sales call. But what does that really mean? We all do it in a different way. So you may give some IP. You may be a little bit like me in the past where I was too generous and I was that generous that I gave away all of my IP and then no one ever called me back. Have you ever had that terrible feeling or had that situation? Yeah, it's not nice, right. Or it may mean that you don't give anything away until they actually sign the dotted line.


And I recently had an experience where I wanted a simple solution to my camera. It was basically turned off every 30 minutes in USLI. So I asked someone who is an expert in video that approached me before, I sorta knew them in a group I was in. And I said, no problem. I can fix that, but you'll have to join my programme, which is a thousand dollars USD. I'm like, I don't even know anything about your programme. And to be honest, it left a really bad taste in my mouth. You're probably sitting there shaking your head with me or nodding your head with me saying, yeah, you know, that's not a great way of doing business and I'm sure you wouldn't do that. Or it also may mean that you give them a resource to consume it at another time, but often that's a resource that's sort of a bit of a tick in the box. Like they say, yeah, yeah, I'll look at it. And, you know, unfortunately I don't.


I'm not professing to know exactly what you should give. We'd have to talk to really understand that, but I want to give you an example of what I'm doing, and also what are some of my clients are doing that I mentor, that's working really well. I've mentioned on other podcasts that I love to collect experts, specialists, experts, whatever your word is. I've collected over 162 categories of experts. So you think about it, anything design, podcasting, virtual assistance, marketing, or forms of marketing, I've got at least one, if not more experts that I can rely on that have a brilliant job. I either used them or they've got referred by, or someone in the communities use them. They're all in English speaking countries all over the world. And I really get them through referrals, listening to podcasts and doing my own research, my team doing research. And to be honest, it's just something I never stop and I'll always continue. I just collect them.


And I really learned at Coca Cola, the value of knowledge management, they were very good at it. They'd been around for, when I started working for 140 ideas, I was pretty good at running global businesses, knowledge management. And also when I was really unwell with my kidney failure, I just couldn't retain any information. I made sure that I had it in a way that I could automatically get to it. And some people, as I've joked on the podcast before, sort of call me Google for consultants, because I just seem to have an amazing knowledge base there. And I think I've got now over 600 vetted experts that I've got at my fingertips when someone has. So how do I use this to add value in a sales call? Because that's the purpose of this podcast, right?


I will give you an example. I had a potential client the other day who recently came to talk to me about how I could help them. I said what are really your burning platforms at the moment. And he said, look, my marketing is just not working or more importantly, the people that I've hired are just not working. And to be honest, I sorta took down notes, I really listened to what they were saying. And as I was taking down notes, because as I said, I'm a prolific knowledge keeper, I sort of thought about actually, this person would be perfect for them, et cetera. Now, it wasn't that the people that are working with weren't trying to do the best, but they just were not the best. And my view is that the price difference often between the best and someone who's trying to do the best is quite significant.


I basically, at the end of the call said, look, Hey, I've got some people that I think are worth checking out. This is the reason why you would be open to an introduction? And what I always do is I first email the expert. If they say, yes, I emailed the expert and say, Hey, look, here's some background, here's some context, is this a good fit with your ideal client? Now I've got that in the knowledge base and I've got a solid, good understanding, right? I'm not wasting the expert's time either, but I just want to make sure that something hasn't changed or, you know, to really make sure that it works. And if they both agree, then I connect. So why do I think this is a great way of adding value in a sales call?


Well, before I tell you that, I'd like you to, I'd like to talk to you about Ever looked at a LinkedIn profile and had to manually put the information in your sales CRM... Painful. Ever sent someone a message on LinkedIn and had to copy and paste it on a sales CRM. No more. does all of these activities automatically for you across some of the biggest platforms. I use copper CRM, but there's Pipedrive, HubSpot, Salesforce and others, and they are constantly adding to that. But why just hear it from me, why don't you go and check it out for yourself, just go to


Why is it a great way of adding value? Pitcher an expert in your mind who promised to deliver you the world and gave you pebbles? And I'm sorry, it might be painful for you, right? But part of the reason I've collected these experts, because I'll burn or I have been burnt so many times in the past. I just thought that when I left Coca-Cola, everyone was sort of to that standard. And Coke was very demanding and we basically brought the best out of our suppliers. So, you know they were just going to say what they were always going to do. But I found that that wasn't the case.


And I won't go into detail, but let's just say that it's run into hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years. In one case alone, it was like $80,000 and a fight with a tax department, which was just horrific. But it wasn't just the cost that really hurts. It's the opportunity cost of not scaling, right? So you'll always make more revenue or more margin on your revenue than your cost base. And it's that opportunity costs, right. It could be a year, two years. And that could mean a lot of freedom that you're missing in your life or goals that you're missing. So yes, you can send someone a value add that they can sort of say, yes, they'll read it or tick in the box and that's okay, but why not give them a referral to an expert which solves a problem for them. And the most important thing is that it builds trust, right? And then they are more likely to work with you on the problem that you're helping them with.


Three key actions from today

One is to add referrals into your sales call, and you don't have to do it right on that call. It could be even afterwards, you go and do it, but you know, always be listening to those opportunities. It also helps you not talk about yourself too much. The second is to reach out to me, if you need an expert. I got 600 happy to give you a few names that can help solve your immediate needs. And the third thing is if you know, consultants who need help with sales, please reach out to them and share this, but also reach out to me to see if I can help them as well.


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