Today’s Topic is:

How a doctor can help you sell


You will learn:

  1. What I learned from my docs
  2. How I applied it to my sales 
  3. How you can apply it to yours to help more clients 



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Today’s topic is – How a doctor can help you sell 

You will learn

  1. What I learned from my docs
  2. How I applied it to my sales 
  3. How you can apply it to yours to help more clients 

I spent the first 2 years of my life in and out of the hospital with chronic asthma. Luckily I grew out of it by age 16. 

At 18 I was diagnosed with a condition called Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD). You can hear more about my story on my Linkedin profile in the featured section -paulhigginsmentoring 

I would go for annual checkups until my condition started to deteriorate around 2010. 

My mum had the same condition and she lived more in the hospital than at home. 

I was always intrigued by the different bedside manners of doctors. It seemed to get ‘different’ as you moved from doctors to specialists to surgeons – less bedside as you went up. 

The one trait they all had was asking great questions. 

They were not selling to me, they were looking to save my life.

I keep conversations in Evernote and in 2018 it prolonged my life. 

The one time I got sold to by a doctor. 

Before we go into how I apply it to sales 

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So how did it prolong my life?

I had a nephrectomy (removed a kidney the size of a soccer ball) to fit my transplant in.

My blood level was very low and they insisted I have a transfusion. 

I knew a transfusion would rule out my best mate as a donor. I showed him my note in Evernote and he walked away. 

Had he asked the right questions, it would not have embarrassed himself and lost the sale – my respect for him. I did report him as not everyone keeps records like me.  

In my sales process, I ask questions before jumping to my solution. And so should you.

The key questions I ask

Personal – partner, children, and hobbies 


Ideal client | Provide Value | New clients | Supports you | Success | In way | Resources | Decisions | ?s | Next steps

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Three key actions from today:

  1. Write down a set of questions you can ask 
  2. Diagnose not prescribe 
  3. Email me for the full sales process 

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