Helen’s father and family were in small business and she decided to have a career. She worked in several industries and countries. 
At the age of 40 took a sabbatical and fell into her own business. She now lives on a beautiful property and works with her husband to help people to maximise their potential.

Why listen

  • Why the small tweaks are so important in growing 
  • How to pivot your business when the industry changes 
  • Importance of having trusted experts


What you will also learn

  • Importance of having a cash reserve when starting your own business 
  • How small micro-changes can make a material difference over time 
  • How to pivot when the industry is changing 
  • Importance of building trust so ROI is less of a focus 
  • Block thinking time into your calendar each day 
  • Cap work hours and how to best manage working from home


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