Our guest for today is Hayden Fricke from PeopleScape. He started with a dream of wanting to be a tennis star, but would always choke. This then led him to become a sports psychologist, a drug and alcohol counselor and also helped some people with mental health concerns. When he was made redundant, his wife pushed him to start his own business. And the rest, they say is history. Listen to his story.

What you will learn in the podcast

  • What made him leave his dream of becoming a tennis player
  • What led him to found Peoplescape
  • What his passions are
  • What causes are related to his family history
  • What originally held him back before to starting his own business
  • The help he received when starting out his own business
  • How he convinced a mentor to become a business partner
  • The challenges you face whilst scaling a business


Links mentioned in the podcast

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