Harry Kempler started his entrepreneurial journey in Indonesia with a friend where he learnt some valuable lessons. His high self-awareness led him to get a corporate role working in Merger & Acquisitions.
He was listening to his entrepreneurial friends’ pain points and this led him to do some research and launch a global exclusive co-working and co-warehousing space in Melbourne Australia.
Harry is a very humble person, but this guy is going places and you will learn a lot from this episode.

What you will learn in the podcast

  • Importance of the three things he learnt from his 1st step into entrepreneurship
  • Why finding the right mentors can make such a difference to your success
  • How listening to friends pain points can be a great way of assessing a market opportunity
  • The importance of research in validating an idea
  • Why pure profit is not the only measure you should care about
  • How to work with strategic corporate partners to scale your idea
  • How to match people’s strengths to the problems you face in your business
  • Why you should outsource and delegate parts of your business to scale
  • The importance of meditation in your daily routine


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