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Are you the lucky one who has never got a spammy pitch on LinkedIn? Very doubtful. We all get them, and we’re all guilty of sending some of them. But in the pursuit of improving LinkedIn reply rates, Paul has tried different strategies. In this episode, he shares the best practices and the benchmarks you should be hitting, what is working for him at the moment, and how you could improve your rates.


01:25 – LinkedIn replies – Benchmark

03:45 – Connection request script

05:26 – What happens after they accept the connection request?

07:48 – What if you don’t get a reply?

09:53 – Where to get more help

11:26 – Three key actions from today


CTA Request Transcription


LinkedIn replies – Benchmark

I’m sure you’ve never received a spammy pitch on LinkedIn. BS, right? We all get them. I’m lucky because my team filters them all out, so I don’t get to see them. But every person I talk to is over it. I think we all are guilty of sending some of them. It might not be now, but it might be in the past. I know I’ve done it where someone gives me a script, and I think that’s the right way to do it.

I think LinkedIn is no different to email. It can be used for good, or it can be used for evil, and I like to use it for good. What I want to do today is walk you through what we’re doing at the moment to get more replies. I’ve been burnt by experts, used agencies, and done all the work, but now we’re getting amazing results. What does that mean? 

The best benchmark at the moment is 40% open rates. This is when you send a second or third LinkedIn connection request, and you should target about 40% acceptance. And then, to get a reply from should be around 20%. Our current rates are running at 38% open and 35% replies. We’re a little bit under the open rate, but we’re a lot higher, at least 15 points higher, on the reply rates, which I really think is the one that matters the most.


Sending a connection request

The first message I send is along the lines of:

First name, 

I am looking to connect with < ICP>, e.g. people who sell and implement SaaS (e.g. Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho etc.) and your Linkedin profile suggest I could be on the right track. ;-)

Would you be open to connecting?



P.S. I promise no sales pitch

That’s the connection request that we’re getting roughly 38%, two points below the benchmark. And believe me, I’ve tried sending with no personal message and also sending it with one line. That is what is working best at the moment.


What happens after they accept the connection request?

If they do connect, we used a software called Hyperized to create a brilliant GIF. It’s a very custom and tailored message where you thank them for connecting with you, their first name, and anything you want to add. Hyperized does that automatically, and then we use another program called Expandi to send it. This personalised and unique message is working well. And that’s all we do, nothing else.

And 5 days later, we send another message with the following script:

Hi first name,

I promised no sales pitch, and I will keep my word. 

I do have a FREE community where like-minded peers help each other. 

I got the idea when I was a Cloud Consultant but was too busy to set it up. 

Now I have the time after selling my biz. 

It is my way of giving back and filling the gap some vendors leave. 

If you believe a community of like-minded peers helping each other sounds good, give me a thumbs up.



What I’m doing here is sharing a bit of what I do. So I’m giving them the opportunity to join a free community. I think that’s probably our best strategy as far as the sales funnel for them to like, know and trust you, but it’s okay if you don’t do this. Whatever you do, be very specific on the offer and, remember, not a sales pitch.


CTA 1-on-1


What if you don’t get a reply?

Message 1:

Here is the landing page if you would prefer to know more if it’s for you or not –

Message 2:

Are you interested but haven’t had the chance to reply? 

Or is it a no for now and we can still be connection buddies?

Love to get a reply either way.


The key is to pace the messages and use the open word when asking if they’re open to connect. As for the sequence, I write the words, but a team member sends the messages for me. We use automation tools to make it easier but still get some personalization.

If you need help with LinkedIn outreach, go to to fast track this process in four sessions.


Three key actions from today

  1. Check your stats versus the benchmarks
  2. Write up your scripts and test it
  3. Go to so I can fast track it for you.


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