361 – Get More Sales Using Video With Darin Dawson

Accelerating Sales to Scale your Business

When trying to improve a sales process, video often comes into the conversation because of the personal touch that adds to any interaction. So if you’re still relentless to use video in your communication, this episode might change your mind. 

Paul talks to Darin Dawson, President and Co-Founder of BombBomb.com, a platform that focuses on human-centred selling more than only creating video messages. He will explain how to increase sales conversions using video, add a personal touch in mass messages, and share the best components of a video sales message.



03:11 – What are the problems Darin helps to solve. He helps people get more face‑to‑face, more in‑person than ever through a digital medium.

06:04 – Video makes your sales process better. We as humans communicate differently.

09:47 – Human-centred selling. Think and consider the person on the other end of the message first.

11:28 – BombBomb helps you get the message across. The platform helps to condense sales cycles for VP of sales.

15:41 – The best approach when using video. If you know your ideal customer profile, it should be succinct.

18:40 – Best practices in video email. Tips to make it easier to consume.

21:18 – This is how video works in LinkedIn. Chat or InMail?

22:17 – Clicking on a URL vs. a Thumbnail. The trust factor.

25:25 – How to customize mass video? Use all the pronouns for a person without mentioning a name.

28:04 – The Rapid Fire Section



How to get video more involved in the sales process?

It’s all about the customer experience. You might have customers in different time zones, in different countries and with video you can send an asynchronous message and they can consume it on their time. It’s going to save you time and save them time. A video will help you be authentic and transparent, and anyone will understand the message in a far greater scale than they would over phone, email, text any of the other mediums. At the end of the day, we are human beings and we’re expressive, we have a tone, we have passion, and none of that comes through in a text or in an email. We communicate differently.

Human-centred selling

Think and consider the person on the other end of the message more than you may consider the objective of the message. That’s human-centred sales, thinking about the recipient more than you. This is called empathy. We often have it for other humans in our personal lives, but sometimes we’re lacking it in our business lives. It is ok to have objetives or certain number of meetings or other business goals, but we need to think differently. If you cared more about the recipient and make sure you solve a problem that you know they have over just getting the appointment or closing the sale, both of those numbers would increase.

How BombBomb helps you get the message across?

BombBomb helps people get that acknowledgement that you can help them solve a problem through human connection. It saves everybody’s time, because the sales cycle can be condensed and more than one person can view the message. You use video to succinctly state the problem you are going to solve and how you’ve done it for many other businesses. If you were to write an email instead of a video, it’d be multiple pages that nobody is going to read. If you get your ideal customer profile (ICP) narrowed down enough, you can go out to them and offer to solve the problem in a video and you’re going to get more of those appointments without assaulting you potential client’s inboxes.

Best practices in video email.

  • Always support video in text, as ideas in bullet points.
  • Take people to a landing page, to an environment that’s far more controlled so you can tell if they watched the entirety of the video.
  • Create a call to action within the video.
  • Transcribe the entirety of the video.

The goal is to know that the message was heard, received and understood, and be able to transmit that back to you in data, whether is your CRM, your inbox or any other reporting system.


The Rapid Fire Section

What are some of the daily habits that you do to help to accelerate your sales?

I’m no longer in day‑to‑day sales, but I still have the same habits. I read every morning, and I typically read things I want to get better at, anything that gives me an edge to help me, especially if I’m trying to understand the business I’m selling to. And now, as I’ve progressed in my career, I’m reading more about development and product management and things like that. But my first love is still sales.

What are some of the tech tools you use to accelerate your sales?

We use a lot of different things, but we use our Salesforce CRM. Everything runs in that. And it’s probably the most answer you get to that question but is the backbone of everything we do, and the insights that we get from it are huge.

What’s your best source of leads for new client acquisition?

This is interesting because it’s a real challenge with the pandemic. Our best source of leads is events. When we get face to face, when we talk about human things, people are like, yeah, that makes sense.

What is one action that someone can take to 10 X their sales today?

If you’re a sales leader, get your people in front of people. And if you don’t have people you trust to be in front of people, fix that. I still believe that people do business with people they know, like, and trust, and the only things that humans know, like, and trust are other humans at the end of the day. So we got to get people back together, face to face more often. I think that alone is going to increase your sales.


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About Darin Dawson

Darin Dawson

Darin Dawson is the Co-Founder and President of BombBomb, a Human-Centered Communication Platform that enables users to use simple, personal video messages to leverage their best asset … themselves.

Darin leads all sales,marketing, customer success and product development at BombBomb, a fast-growing, Colorado-based software company. He’s on a mission to re-humanize the planet and he wants to start with your business communication.

He believes that human beings have intrinsic value and that every person deserves to be seen, heard and understood. That’s why he co-founded BombBomb.

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