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A video content strategy sounds very daunting for many, but all you need to do is find the proper tools to make your job easier.

In this episode, Craig Lillard, founder of ClipScribe, shares some tips to grab your audience’s attention on your social media using video and the standup comedy principle he uses when creating content. He also reveals the new features that his platform is offering to help you create great video content.




03:30 – What is ClipScribe for? It's mainly for social media more than long-form video.

04:50 – Latest trends in video. Over 80% of video content is watched without sound on.

07:40 – Tips to make a better video. Don't be so worried about it being perfect.

11:10 – What are the best ingredients to make video. Unless you already have an audience, you don't need to make a 20 or 30-minute video.

14:59 – Different types of content for different platforms. You can create shorter versions with different layouts for different platforms from one video.

16:36 – Key trends in video on YouTube vs Facebook. YouTube is a long-form platform.

24:45 – What's new in ClipScribe? Waveform for audio podcasts, the ability to easily add intros and outros to video, and more.

28:15 – The Rapid Fire Section.


Why you should have text in your videos

Over 80% of video content is watched without sound on. Having text on your video, whether in the form of subtitles or a headline (ideally both), captures attention as people are scrolling through. If you’re not doing that, there’s a good chance many people are just going to pass by your video. Posting video content is something that many people still aren’t doing, and that has become something necessary. People will start having studios in their offices where people can go in at any time and create video content.


Tips to make better videos

  • Start to make content and don’t be so worried about being perfect. You’re going to care more about how your video looks than most people are going to care.
  • If it’s between your webcam and your smartphone, use your smartphone. Even if you buy a new one today, the quality is usually pretty bad, so the camera on your smartphone is going to be a million times better.
  • If you plan to create video content long‑term, have a designated place, like your office or a studio, that will help you be consistent and take away the excuse of putting everything together every time you need to make a video.


Use this standup comedy principle in your videos.

Craig did stand-up comedy for some time, and while researching, he found a book called Killer Stand Up by a guy named Steve Roy. His principle says that you should have between six and eight laughs for every minute of the show, where 80% of the audience is laughing. Usually, comedians will tell you a 5-minute story, with all the punch lines at the end, and hopefully, people laugh in the last few seconds. So what Steve ​​was saying is filling that story up with little comedy bits so that you say something that grabs attention and makes people laugh every few seconds. If you use this principle in video content, you will hook your audience all the way through the end.


Different types of content for different platforms

  • YouTube: It’s a longer-form content platform. And here, we can see the difference between subtitles and closed captions. Closed captions are there if you’re hearing-impaired, want to read what is being said, or have your sound off and want to read it. In the concept of ClipScribe, Subtitles are to grab attention as somebody is flying through the feed, and you want to hold on to them for those few seconds so that you can build some connection with them.
  • Facebook: It’s a shorter form content platform. Craig recommends a 3-5 minutes video and square and horizontal video as far as layouts go. If you start horizontal, you can always go vertical. If you start vertical, you already limited yourself to really pretty much vertical and maybe a portrait layout. If you go horizontal, you can put that in a square format, have a headline at the top, have your subtitles, and take that same video and put it on LinkedIn. Those two platforms don’t always share the same people, so that’s a great idea. And then, you can turn that same video into a vertical video for IGTV and Instagram.


The Rapid Fire Section


What are some of the daily habits that you do to help to accelerate your sales?

Number one is product. Having a great product is very important and constantly working on the product. Number two is just relationships and ​​how you respond and connect with people.


What are some of the tech tools that you use to accelerate your sales?

I’m a big paid advertising person. I have grown most of my businesses on the back of either Google or Facebook advertising. But I will say that one of the things that I have taken for granted is the power of networking. In my previous two companies, I just sat behind a computer and ran ads pretty much. But I decided to go to a networking group, and I kept doing it, and I’d meet people, and I started getting business out of it. The next thing I know, things are going pretty well just from making these contacts. So that was one of the things that inspired ClipScribe and creating video content. I realized video is one of the ways that you can actually scale that network effect.


What’s one action that someone can take to 10 X their sales today?

The answer can definitely change depending on what their businesses are, but I would say, first of all, figure out what will work for you, and then, the common answer, do it consistently. For ClipScribe was business ads, for my previous company was Google ads, and there are long tail things like SEO and like video content that you need to do consistently over time, recognizing you’re not going to see immediate results.


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