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Video email is becoming the standard when looking to personalise your communication. During this interview, Bethany Stachenfeld, co-founder of Sendspark, shares details on a product they created to help sales teams to connect to customers and build relationships using personalised video.

You will learn 30 to 300% increase in your sales by using personalised video, but most importantly, where to use video and what videos to send in your sales funnel. Finally, Bethany shares how Sendspark uses video analytics to improve your sales follow-up, ultimately improving your conversion.


03:36 – What are the problems Bethany helps to solve? To build a real relationship online.

04:46 – How does personalisation at scale work for videos? Sendspark makes it fast and seamless to send hundreds of personalised videos.

08:04 – How to use standard videos? Create a library for testimonials, common questions or support questions.

11:57 – This is what a great video email looks like. 5 elements you need to include in your video email.

15:33 – What about analytics on video email? It’s more than clicks and views.

19:31 – What you should have in the background of your video? Depends on your product.

22:06 – The future of Sendspark. The real focus is personalisation at scale.

25:13 – The sales deep dive. Bethany’s sales habits.


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This is how a Sendspark sales funnel looks like

You can introduce video to your sales funnel by thinking what the emails you’re already sending out where you can insert videos to be more effective are. According to Bethany, video is going to increase your reply rate anywhere from 30% to 300%, so why not use video where you currently have the lowest conversions. 

But it’s up to the customer to decide how personalised or automated they want the video process. Automation is not bad because sometimes you’re in a volume space where you need to send out thousands of emails. You cannot record personalised videos for any of them, and having a video is better than no video. But other times, you’re working with super high touch sales processes where everything should be completely personalised. And then there’s everywhere in the middle. It all comes down to what are you already doing to turn that existing email into a video email.


How to break the barriers to start doing videos

It all comes to building a habit around video. We are our own harshest critics, and we expect that everything looks fantastic, but it doesn’t need to. People are happy to get a video because it’s a human thing. Bethany recommends that people who are starting up pick one type of email they normally send and make that your video email, where you will only send a video and get over the hurdle. It could be a prospecting email, your recap after a call, or a check‑in that you always send two weeks after you meet with someone. Force yourself just to send a video for a couple of weeks, and then soon, you’ll realize it’s way easier than texting. You have to get over that hump and build the habit around it first.


What does a great video email look like?

You need to think of this as a micro funnel where you have something that will get the person to watch the video. In Sendspark, you can add captions and logos, whether over the video or just in the email, to pique your client’s interest. And the video per se is your chance to get double the attention for your effort and where you’re able to point things out in a more efficient way than writing a long email. And then, you always want to follow up, so you need to add a call to action, and with this platform, you can add it under your video. Very clear and concise on what should they do next. And they have the timestamp feature as an option, which Bethany highly recommends.


2 ways to follow up when they have watched the video

  1. A personalised video to build a relationship. This is more about telling your clients you’re the person who will be there for them if they choose you. It’s the opportunity they see you as your support in whatever process you are starting together.
  1. It’s more about the product or what value you can deliver with video. For example, website agencies or email companies show clients what they can do for them with their tools. So you’re using video to show the current situation and the beautiful vision if they use your product.


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The Sales Deep Dive

What are the sales habits that help you accelerate your sales?

In addition to sending out tons and tons of videos, I do a lot of things to try to save myself time. So I use Superhuman for shortcuts, use snippets and send reminders later. That’s like the key thing I’m focusing on is always, how can I be faster? Superhuman has been my favourite recent purchase.

What’s the best source of leads for your business?

We focus on a product like Growth. So we have a really great generous free plan. And then from that, we really focus on the sales touch of like who’s using the free plan, who’s doing high-quality actions like inviting teammates, clicking on premium features, or launching upgrade modal. Ans we filter that data to start our sales outreach approach.

What is one action that someone can take to 10 X their sales today?

I would say start building the habit around video; it makes a huge difference. Just pick one type of message you currently send out and make it your video message. Then focus on sending a video on every prospect thing until it becomes second nature. And then you’re going to see that 10 X result.


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About Bethany Stachenfeld

Bethany Stachenfeld is passionate about B2B marketing and connecting with new people. In 2019, she co-founded Sendspark to help sales teams connect to customers with personalized video emails and messages. She feels lucky to have been part of Venture for America, 500 Startups, OnDeck, the Stage2 Accelerator and other amazing communities to help her launch and grow the business.

Sendspark now has over 10,000 users, including sales folks at Salesforce, Outreach, LinkedIn, Snowflake, Ziprecruiter, Microsoft, and other incredible organizations, and they were ranked #1 by G2 for video email implementation, ease of use, and results in 2022.

Bethany lives in New York City and loves to brew coffee, travel, do acroyoga with her husband.


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