Our Guest today Gavin Sequeira talks from practical experience on how to break free from corporate.
Gavin was very successful in corporate, working for two of the biggest brands in IT – IBM and Oracle.
He was always passionate about personal development and about 9 years into his career he found a shift in his motivation and decided he wanted to work for himself.
Inspired by his partner at the time who ran her own business, he went about preparing to break free over the space of 18 months.
In the podcast Gavin gives brilliant advise on how best to break free from corporate and take control of your own career and life.
If you are just about to leave your career or take the brave step, this podcast is perfect for you.


What you will learn in the podcast

  • Whether it is best to break free without a safety net or do a side hustle
  • His love of personal development and how it shaped him to take the brave step
  • How to take control of your own career and not be at the mercy of others
  • The need to surround yourself with like-minded peers
  • 3 essential tips on making the transition from corporate to your own business
  • What does a transition coach do and how can they help you
  • How to find the right mentors and why having several is best


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