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Accelerating Sales to Scale your Business 

Sales is all about information. But did you know that there are tons of public data that you could integrate into your sales process? 99% of all the data on the internet has been posted in the past two years, and now there are several tools that will help you gather the relevant info for your business.

Tom Rielly, the founder of Triggr, is an expert in getting the right information to give sales teams the context they need to start conversations. Paul and Tom will talk about how to use public data to accelerate sales, combo prospecting and how Triggr events help you monitor your potential clients.





03:17 – Who makes a perfect client for Tom? A software vendor that has meaningful integrations with other vendors.

05:45 – This is the problem Triggr helps to solve + Examples. It helps sales teams engage with the right people at the right time with the right context.

07:05 – How public data can help to boost your sales. Anything important to your business can be found on the public web.

08:10 – Why can SDR roles become more important for companies? Companies are having a big problem generating pipeline.

09:55 – Combo prospecting. A combination of touchpoints across phone, email, and text and LinkedIn.

11:40 – Video email. Short, sweet and to the point. Less than 30 seconds is the way to go.

15:23 – How Triggr events work? It's a standalone SaaS tool.

20:20 – Technology and sales. The future of sales is in personalized information, but automated things around it to make it easier.

23:52 – What should an SDR do to build a pipeline? The best SDRs use technology extensively.

26:27 – Triggr events on LinkedIn. It's a source of data publicly accessible.

28:13 – The Rapid Fire Section



Anything important to your business can be found on the public web.

If you’re working for Salesforce, any customer that has used your product and moved into a new account will leave a public trace on the internet. You can follow that using Trigger, and the platform will notify you. On the technology installed front, let’s say you’re selling an HR solution that integrates into Workday. Anytime a company installs Workday and starts using Workday, you’ll want to know about it. Trigger can send you notifications around that and anything important to your business that can be found on the public web.

Public web data has always been there but there’s data growth in the last couple of years.

99% of all the data that exists on the internet has been posted in the past two years. There will be more and more data that’s readily accessible and publicly available. That is why in the last couple of years, there has been a big focus on tools that are able to predict intent based on blog researchers visiting websites, monitoring people and things like that. So it’s something that’s always existed, but not to the extent that it does today.

What is combo prospecting?

Inbound is something that’s here to stay, but the phone is underutilized —Tom’s advice: get on the phone more often. There is a methodology called combo prospecting, a combination of touchpoints across phone, email, text, and LinkedIn. But the number one thing that you should be doing is getting on the phone if you possibly can. Second to that, a good voicemail. Pattern interrupts and having context to start the conversation are important when going down this process. 

When you reach out to someone on the phone, it’s important they understand why you and why now. Have an actual reason and a plan behind the call, make a pattern interrupt and let them know why you’re calling, and be well‑researched to engage with context. 

And when it comes to email, Tom and his team go for video email. They use a tool called Vidyard, where you are able to reach out with the same context that you would if you were on the phone, but it’s a little bit more personalized because it’s a video. And the Triggr events add the context of both emails and the calls.

How Triggr events work?

It’s a standalone SaaS tool. Essentially you sign up for a subscription on the platform. They currently have integrations with HubSpot, Salesforce, Slack, and Outreach. Once an event happens, you can choose to receive the notifications where you’re taking work. It will send through the contact details of the correct person to whatever system you set it up to. Most commonly, we see it come through the CRM system, so it’s directly passed through to the lead owner, and then they’re able to report on that. Triggr has many different integrations planned on the horizon. The next one in line is a Zapier integration.

Not all trigger events are created equal. It’s important to look at the trigger event and the attributes of a trigger event as it happens. Let’s take a look at the simple example. Suppose you are following customers into new accounts. The messaging that we send through to a customer who moves into a new account can change based on the company’s attributes that they move into. Do they now use Salesforce CRM or Microsoft dynamics? Do they have Outreach installed? You can tailor your messaging with the right context based on the attributes around a trigger event as well.

The Rapid Fire Section

What are some of the daily habits that you do to help to accelerate your sales?

Pick up the phone. I worked for a recruitment agency, and the owner said, the first thing you need to do when you join the agency is to have a list of these people that I want you to call. I just want you to pick up the phone and make 50 calls because you won’t be afraid of doing it anymore once you do that. And once that happened, he was dead right. I would literally make 60 calls a day, and I would actually quite enjoy it. And you’d start to get comfortable being rejected and get comfortable on the phone. That’s my hot tip to anyone listening: Just get on the phone and start to be really comfortable with it because it is a really difficult thing to do initially.

What are some of the tech tools that you use to accelerate your sales?

If you don’t have 20-30,000 a month to spend on tools, I’d be looking at Zapier. Phantombuster, where you can automate LinkedIn messages based on things that happen in the market. Retarget, where you can add call to actions to any content that you find on the website. Albacross, where you can see who visited your website from a company perspective.

What’s one action that someone can take to 10 X their sales today?

Invest in technology to make things easier for yourself. Especially if you are a sole operator, you have a small team, you can’t afford not to automate some of the processes around your sales.


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T0m Rielly, the founder of Triggr, is an expert in getting the right information to give sales teams the context they need to start conversations.

Widely regarded as one of the best B2B data focused performance marketers in Australia.



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