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Sales Strategies for Consulting Businesses

Business owners spend a lot of time on admin tasks necessary to keep the company running, but not enough on the ones that will make it grow. If that is your case, it might be time to get some help so you can focus on what you are really good at.

Linh Podetti is here to help. She is the director of Outsourcing Angel, an Australian recruitment agency that specialises in providing premium Virtual Assistants from the Philippines to companies worldwide.

In this episode, you will learn how you can use a virtual assistant (VA) to remove 66% of your sales admin work, how to leverage video for sales, and why you should be on YouTube.


How a VA can help you remove your admin work

Ultimately, every business owner should have a VA. Whether you are on LinkedIn, YouTube or other platforms, Outsource Angel not only connects you with an expert on marketing, content, engagement, outreach or other tasks.

They will also help you to figure out a business model and onboarding system. They will support you with training by sharing anything you need, from a performance review to templates, checklists and the wellbeing of your VA team.

Task a VA will do for you:

  • Sales strategy
  • Content creation
  • Posting content
  • Engagement
  • Graphic design
  • Video editing
  • Adding prospects
  • Any communication admin related task

The more you have a VA, the more they sound like you, understand your thinking, and save you some consulting sales time. They will be able to filter out prospects and take good opportunities. 

You can share your requirements, and they will find a match for you. But the most important part is to have a sales, content or video strategy in place.


How to leverage video in sales and why you should be on YouTube

Linh uses a video automation tool with messages that her VA can use to reply on her behalf, which still feels like a personal video. You can create as many assets of this kind as you wish, but video is the only thing that can fully tell people who you are as a person.

When you use YouTube, you need to create one video and put it out there, and people will find you again and again. The benefit of being on YouTube is that you can reach audiences from new places and expand your circle outside your LinkedIn connections.


Her media services business helps you connect with audiences authentically by:

  • Facilitated interviews to help you create ongoing content
  • Help you shape your story to engage genuinely
  • Help you present on camera naturally


They also support clients to:

  • Create a video strategy
  • Choose keywords to perform better in search
  • Select relevant topics for your audience
  • Understand the analytics
  • Distribution and repurposed content


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About Linh Podetti

Linh Podetti grew up in Vietnam and migrated to Australia at the age of 9 then became a single mum at just 20 years old. Determined to create a brighter future for her son, Linh started her first eCommerce business in 2009 to escape from the rat race and to have a flexible lifestyle so she can be there for her son.

This first business gave her the experience and knowledge with outsourcing, and after realising she had no passion for her eCommerce business, Linh started a successful marketing agency in 2011 based on outsourcing and working with Virtual Assistants (VAs) from overseas.

In 2015, Linh pivoted from her marketing agency model to a recruitment model and launched Outsourcing Angel, helping business owners to hire and work directly with VAs. Outsourcing Angel is a social enterprise with over 70 Virtual Assistants helping clients all over the world while 10% of company profits fund charity initiatives in the Philippines every month.

Linh is a serial entrepreneur, currently a Co-Founder of Dawn Media Productions, a video marketing agency and a business coach at Outsource Masters, an online coaching community, teaching aspiring entrepreneurs how to build their own virtual assistant businesses.

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