Full notes for number 200. 😉
Different show today. I would like to talk about some of my learnings from 200 shows.
I launched my podcast on the 5 May 2017.
I launched it because I couldn’t find a podcast helping people like me.
It was called corporate escapees as that was my journey.
I loved interviewing people and finding out about their change from a job to a business.
It was conversational within a framework. I wanted real people giving real tips – not another book launch promo.
I didn’t want to get into the tech and a former guest Nathan Chan helped me out with an audio editor who I still use today. Big shout out to Balazs.
Another former guest and mentor James Schramko questioned my podcast title. He said it is not about you it is about your guests so I changed it to Build Live Give in August 2019.

Build Live Give stands for

  1. Building a great business
  2. To live a dream life
  3. and give back.

If you are a regular listener you would be aware of my health journey. The reason I left my job was to be able to work from a hospital bed. I designed my business to suit my life.
I feel compelled to give back as I have been so blessed to have my best mate Brendan donate his kidney, Linda, Tamsyn and Liam support me through some rough days and and all my medical team lead by Kathleen Khan who saved my life.
Today I give back through the Purple House. I donate 100% of my book proceeds – Build Live Give (original I know) to them and a proportion of my revenues. Sarah Brown and her team do an amazing job in providing dialysis support to indigenous Australians. My mum was on dialysis for 10 years and I know how hard it was for her. I can only imagine what it would be like in remote Australia.
Once COVID19 is stable I want to visit them and show my support.
You can donate to them at https://www.purplehouse.org.au/ 

So what have I learnt after 200 shows

I know I shouldn’t have favourites. But here are some I listen to twice

  • Josh Stanton | Screw the Nine to Five | Ep53
  • James Schramko | Super Fast Business | Ep61
  • Nathan Chan | Foundr magazine | Ep72
  • Nathan Hirsch Ep83
  • John Nemo | Nemo Media Group | Ep117
  • Mary Henderson Ep119
  • Brendan Kane | One Million Followers | Ep131
  • Tim Reid | Small Business Big Marketing | Ep132

Like to thank all of you for listening. The emails and reviews mean the world to me.
My team – Coni and Melany who make it happen.
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