Derrek Hofrichter grew by on a corn farm and learnt how to be a jack of all trades thanks for his father’s intuition.
He then went into the world of government and politics which took him to Arizona.
Believing in Tony Robbins’ saying – ‘burn your boats’, he did that and started his own martial arts practise through Krav Maga whose vision is ‘so one may walk in peace’.

What you will learn in the podcast

  • How to get your first clients when you burn the boat
  • Some personal safety tips if you are ever faced with danger
  • His elevator pitch for his business – it is a ripper
  • Why it is important to have multiple revenue streams
  • The number one tip for running Facebook and Instagram ads
  • How to recruit the best talent
  • How to work with your life partner
  • The power of automating your business


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