Davis had an amazing upbringing. I will not do it justice by explaining it here. It needs to be heard from him.
After graduating from Yale he worked at Bain and left after 3 years.
He now helps others to get into management consulting.
He is a giver in life and in this interview. Too good to miss. You will be inspired.

The key benefits of listening to my interview with Davis

  1. His amazing story and the mentors which changed is life
  2. The three steps to building a great remote team
  3. How to leverage youtube ads to grow your business


What you will also learn

  • The value of having obsessive habits
  • Why toastmasters is still alive and kicking
  • Why management consulting gets a back wrap and why it is also very beneficial
  • What he learnt from his mentors
  • What paid channels he has tested
  • The way he gives back


Davis’ top 3 personal effectiveness tips

  1. Stop what you don’t need to do
  2. Go to the gym
  3. Get quality sleep


Tech Davis could not live without to run his business


Best source of ideas 

  • Podcasts


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Thank You for Tuning In!

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