Our guest today David Nanfra works for Planet K2 and has a wonderful journey to share with BLG listeners. He started in corporate finance, left and owned several Video stores and now helps both corporate and small business owners achieve their best by applying his own skills and experiences combined with global best practise from a leading sports coaching business. He delivers some brilliant insights and this is a podcast you don’t want to miss.
I am lucky to call David a friend and I see first hand the passion and drive David has to help others. Be it in business, in his involvement in sport, his tireless work with the local community or his personal athletic feats, David is a guy who really practises what he preaches.
What you will learn in the podcast

  • What it is like to be an Australian and travel and work across the globe in the competitive finance industry
  • What it is like to leave corporate and world in a completely unrelated industry with the help of family
  • How to thrive in an industry which is slowly been replaced by technology
  • The secrets high-performance coaches and athletes use and how they apply it to running a small business
  • What an adrenaline junkie David is
  • How to overcome some key fears when leaving corporate
  • What the daily routine of an involved father looks like
  • How he is involved in the local community and his quote on giving

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