Dave Stokes is the founder of author2audioa mobile ‘come to you’ audiobook recording, producing, publishing and free distribution service. He helps authors publish on Audible (Amazon), iTunes, and a host of new international online audio bookstores. 

What you will learn in the podcast

  • The growth rate of audio books and why it is a great time to be part of it
  • The costs involved in producing an audiobook
  • Why recording in your own home is such a practical and rewarding option
  • Why doing an interview at the start is important
  • Why recording your own audiobook can be challenging and how to work around it
  • Some great practical tips on how to read
  • Sound is very important and Dave provides specific advise which applies to all sound recordings
  • What image you should have with you when recording
  • Who is an audiobook not for
  • The importance of a mixing desk


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