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Measuring the return on investment from your content could be messy. The good news is there is a proven way to do it. Paul talks to Ugi Djuric, founder of Content Horse and Podino, who shares why this approach will bring you better leads than SEO.

In this episode, you will learn why user‑based content is much better than keyword search algorithms, how you get a return on investment from your content, and how you get into those top 0.05% of podcasts.



4:47 – What is the mission behind creating content? It’s more than a metric; it’s about bringing real users who will pay for their product.

6:37 – What are the key problems Ugi helps B2B companies solve? User acquisition.

7:26 – These are the best performing platforms to share content. Blog posts and social media.

10:30 – What type of content is working best for LinkedIn? Carousels and polls.

12:10 – What is the best way to structure a post? Bad news: There’s no magic checklist.

17:17 – Content for Google algorithm vs. for users. Don’t overoptimize your content with SEO strategies.

24:03 – What is ROI-led content? It’s purpose content that will drive you more customers and conversions.

25:47 – Video vs text. 90% of people prefer one over the other, but it depends on the topic.

27:31 – How do you get people on the top 0.05% podcast? You need a story to tell.

35:39 – The Rapid Fire Section. Daily sales habits.


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What are the platforms people are looking for content on?

The main approach Content Horse offers is ROI-led content, meaning content aimed at people who are ready to buy your solution right now. The main channel, then, are the blog posts. That’s a starting point for everything but not the finish line. After that, they repurpose the content to fit many other channels, such as social media (Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn) and sometimes other platforms such as Quora and Reddit. The content format and style is different from platform to platform, so they adapt it for every platform.


Best performing content for LinkedIn

Polls and carousels on LinkedIn are performing way better than texts and videos. Text was great two years ago, but you need to adapt yourself. However, LinkedIn is now full of low-quality content compared to a few years ago because people are using polls or carousels just to get the views. If you are creating polls, make something relevant for your audience and your business. It’s better to be heard by 1.000 qualifying leads than 100,000 unqualified leads.


What is the best way to structure a post?

  1. The first sentence needs to be something that’s groundbreaking.
  2. Check what your competitors are doing on their blogs and social media.
  3. Let some of the questions unanswered, so people come back to you later for an answer.
  4. The post needs to have a call to action.


What is ROI-led content? 

It’s content that is optimized for conversions and users. That means ROI-led content implies purpose. The main goal is to bring new customers directly. No matter what your business model is, it’s the first step in the sales funnel, and it generally targets high intent leads and people who are ready to buy a solution.


How do you get people on the top 0.05% of podcast?

  1. You need a story to tell. The biggest podcasts must create high-quality content, meaning people with stories. You’re on the right path if you have a particular knowledge that you are willing to share with your audience.
  2. When doing podcast outreach, you need to write a personalized message, show that you care about the podcast, and do your research. You need to be unique and creative.


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The Rapid Fire Section

What are some of the daily habits that you do to help to accelerate your sales?

I write at least one tweet a day, and I’m trying to write as much on LinkedIn as well. But I’m also finding some high-quality prospects for us and doing the research without expecting anything in return. So I find some missing opportunities for the company each day, and then I record a video of myself and send it out without expecting anything in return. And that brings like one to two clients a month.


What is one action that someone can take to 10 X their sales today?

I love long‑term strategies rather than short term ones in ROI-led content. For example, when it comes to keywords, identify those that have a really small search volume. So when you become an authority on that topic, that will bring you high-quality leads, and it will last for so many years after.


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About Ugi Djuric

Ugi is the founder of Contenthorse – an ROI-led content marketing agency that helps B2B businesses get real customers through their content and co-founder of Podino – thought leadership and podcast booking agency for business experts.



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