Our guest today Constantine Georgiou spent 18 years in corporate and had a lot of jobs along the way. It took him a while before he decided to leave though he knew that it didn’t really suit him that well. With the help of a great life coach, he discovered that he may really be an entrepreneur and started his journey together with some co-founders.

Over the last 5 years, he has the pleasure of curating, educating, coaching over 300 startups in Bootcamps. And he knows for a fact that many startup programs help Founders develop innovative ideas and business models but no one is really spending time to build founders to prepare them for their journey. And so he and co-founder Jamie Pride started The Founder Lab.

Constantine talks us through his entrepreneurial journey and how he is helping founders in their own journey.


What you will learn in the podcast

  • Why he left corporate
  • What he did differently to successfully exit a business
  • How he was as a competitive Body Builder before and how this helped him
  • Why golf is the ultimate master teacher
  • How to build better founders
  • How to prepare yourself for your startup journey
  • Top 2 issues that most founders have
  • Taking an evidence-based approach versus opinion based approach
  • Importance of finding your blind spots and addressing them


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