Conrad Francis from Inspired Money started his life as in immigrant from Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). His parents wanted to share their experience of their past with him, however, it was difficult and he became entrenched into the fabric of Australia.
He started University and left before completing his career to work for one of the largest banks in Australia. He had some challenging times and that combined with his relationship breaking down, lead him to start his own business. He talks through a lack of believing in himself and not listening to his intuition ending in financial disaster, with a prior business partner forcing their business into liquidation.
This experience led him to change many aspects of his life and he opens up to these in the podcast.
He also talks through valuable life lessons he learnt from a personal meeting with Mark Bouris from Yellow Brick Road.
Conrad is an excellent example of making a success from adversity whilst giving back.

What you will learn in the podcast

  • The importance of preservation
  • How to deal with fear
  • Difference between needs and wants
  • How to handle liquidation and what to do to pull yourself our of it
  • What lessons can be applied from basketball into business
  • The importance of mindset and self belief
  • 3 important lessons learnt from helping people set up their financial independence
  • The value of prioritisation and taking action


Links mentioned in the podcast

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