Our guest today Clarissa Hughes founder of Nen consulting is an ex-senior executive for Coca-Cola and SunRice who left to create her own Mindfulness practise.
I worked with Clarissa at Coca-Cola and was impressed by her professionalism and expertise in Consumer Insights. Four years ago Clarissa came to the sudden realisation that she was following the wrong path in life and she wanted to have a greater impact on the world.
So she had taken the brave step in setting up her own practise to help people find fulfilling habits and to minimise what is not good in their lives.
Clarissa shares her love of mindfulness and her daily habits which helps people to live well.
Clarissa also shares the cause she supports and explains the difference it makes in the lives of others.
What you will learn in the podcast

  • Why getting support when you set up your own business is important
  • The daily habits to live well
  • What is at the centre of mindfulness
  • You can only be the ONE you and why splitting your personality across corporate and personal can be limiting
  • Her fears of starting her own business
  • Her daily routine
  • The cause she passionately supports

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