Cindy Nicholson started as a teacher and soon realised that there was little real world value in what she was teaching. She then applied her mathematical brain to financial planning and then a chance conversation led her into instructional design and course creation.
She was overlooked for a promotion whilst on maternity leave and this inspired her to start her own business helping entrepreneurs to gain additional revenue by developing courses which get results.
Cindy gives a wealth of rich learnings for those with an online course or are debating to do an online course. One not to miss.

What you will learn in the podcast

  • The importance of finding the right mastermind when you start your business
  • Do what you are passionate about and have skills to do
  • How to determine if your idea is the right one to create a course for
  • What you should expect to pay for creating an online course
  • Why having your content is a great place to start
  • Why focusing on getting a result is so important in course creation
  • How to get referrals in your business


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