Christo had a very successful career with PWC in Luxembourg and Switzerland. Inspired by his father being a corporate escapee, Christo made the leap into the Watch industry which leads to him owning his own brand called Bausele today.
Christo talks openly about his challenges of managing cash flow which living a fulfilled life with his partner Alexandra and their two boys.
This is such a great corporate escapee story and one you will love to listen to.

What you will learn in the podcast

  • How your side hustle projects build skills in preparation for the main game
  • What fears Christo faced and how he managed a lifestyle change with his family
  • What resources he tapped into to avoid the loneliness of entrepreneurialism
  • How to create a point of difference for your brand
  • How to leverage PR to launch your business
  • How to find the right contractors to help you in your business
  • How to manage the challenge of poor cash flow
  • The importance of a supportive partner
  • Working on a game changer for your business each day

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