Chris McGowan from Lusio Rehab had a stellar career in recruitment and was fortunate to build a business from the ground up within a larger corporate structure. He loved this experience so much that he really struggled with the institutional structure of corporate and went out on his own.
Chris is now doing a combination of running his own recruitment business whilst launching startups. He wants to change the mobility of 10K people over the next 5 years through Lusio Rehab and you will love his openness and wisdom in achieving this.

What you will learn in the podcast

  • How taking chances on people can change your life and thousands of others who desire a second chance
  • Why working on a passion project will fulfil you
  • Why you need to push yourself to not be comfortable
  • Why picking the right joint venture partners can be rewarding
  • Why doing the right thing can be so liberating
  • Chris’s commitment to men’s mental health and the black dog institute
  • Why you should not procrastinate


Links mentioned in the podcast

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