Chris Dayley from Disruptive Agency started as a Business major which is code for not sure what he wanted to do. He went into SEO and found it easy to increase traffic.
What he then realised that if the bucket had a leak, it didn’t matter how much water you kept tipping in, you could not hold it – or convert customer in this case.
He then went down the path of site optimisation and fell in love with it. He worked with external agencies and found they were overpriced or not experienced.
He got great advise from mentors which he provides in the podcast and with the blessing of his wife Jamie he created his own agency.
He had met his 6-month financial targets within 3 and the rest is history.
Chris provides enormous value and if you want to hear from a world-leading expert on three things you must do to convert website traffic, you need to listen to this podcast.

What you will learn in the podcast
  • The key fears you face when leaving the safety of your career role
  • The importance of key mentors in your life
  • The three key tips to convert more traffic on your website
  • How to scale at the right pace
  • How a supportive and aligned partner is essential
  • The daily habits which help Chris to be a superstar
  • How a freak encounter on a plane helped Chris to care deeply about a cause he supports
  • The importance of network groups and masterminds
  • What motivates you long term after the money part is covered


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