Charmaine had a very humble beginning and from an early age learnt the art of listening to what people needed and how to provide this to them. 
She naturally went into sales and was a high achiever from the outset. Not because of the money or ego, more a sense of always looking to solve problems. 
She took a sabbatical and a friend recommended one consulting gig, which has now led to a thriving sales training business where she helps sales resistant people to fall in love with helping others achieve their goals.  

Why listen

  • How to know if it is a skill or the market causing underperforming sales 
  • Sales is about communication. You have something and someone needs it 
  • Why gratitude is so important and how to make every post a winner to give back


What you will learn in the podcast 

  • Why you coaching yourself may not be the smartest play
  • Why questions are so important in sales 
  • Why sales is the oxygen for your business
  • A daily routine which lifts performance
  • How to reframe your situation to make the most of life 



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