Catherine Campbell from Bright Planning studied to be a writer and when she left university worked for one of the largest book retailers – rare books. She really enjoyed learning and applying marketing, however, after 7 years she hit a ceiling and decided she needed a change.
She went and worked at a small company and soon realised the culture was not aligned with her values. She was doing a great job, but got a call to see her boss and was let go on the spot. This was a difficult time for her as she was a single mum and felt like she needed a secure job. To her credit, she started her own agency and has not looked back.
Catherine talks about social media and how to position your brand in a crowded online world.

What you will learn in the podcast
  • Her time in the Circus as a performer
  • How to get your pricing right to make profit from the start
  • Trends in social media
  • The importance of Human to human connections
  • The importance of taking a marketing plan into executable steps
  • Importance of using a VA and how to best delegate
  • Working from home with your life partner
  • Deep work and blocking time
  • Importance of a mentor and business coach


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