Carl left school at 15 and home at 16. He has a Jamaican step mum and loves to sing and cook. 
He had a distinguished career in IT and Telcos and learnt how hard it is to run his own startup. 
He matched his strengths and what he loves to do to be a modern day Corporate Robinhood. 

Why listen 

  • Learn how to surround yourself with people who lift you up – attracting the right mentors
  • Learn how to win over corporate gatekeepers to get meetings with C Suite leaders
  • Know what is working best in attracting leads on Linkedin 


What you will also learn 

  • Why running a startup can be like jumping off a cliff and building a plane on the way down
  • It is not about your product and how you can add value in a call
  • Why opening with the heart can make a change to your meetings
  • The impact of not having enough cash in your startup 
  • The power of video for Linkedin and how long they should be
  • How to leverage partnerships to expand your reach


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