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We send sales messages every day via email, LinkedIn, text messages, or social media. Customizing them takes time, but what if you keep them all in one place? That’s how you’re going to see patterns and improve your messages. In this episode, Paul is going to show you why you should capture your sales messages in one place, where to keep them and how to use them.


01:21 – Where do you keep your sales messages?

03:57 – Where to capture sales messages?

05:58 – How to capture sales messages?

03:04 – Three key actions from today


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Where do you keep your sales messages?

We send sales messages every day via email, LinkedIn, text messages, or social media. I bet they vary from one another because we sell high-ticket items, so they’re never the same. There’s some customization, but that comes with time that you don’t always have because you’re balancing sales, delivery, and everything else that’s going on in your business.

The goal is to learn from what you have done in the past and improve your success rate. The tricky part is that your messages are all on multiple platforms, and your CRM doesn’t always capture them. Yes, you should put them all in one place so that at the end of each week, you can review what’s working and what isn’t. When you find the patterns, you can reduce the customization. And that allows for improvement. Trust me!


Where to capture sales messages?

Some people get caught up on what platform they should use, but it doesn’t matter where you capture your sales messages. The most important thing is that all messages are in one place. So why should you take the extra time to copy and paste it into one document? I get that pushback all the time. Because you’re reviewing it at the end of the week, and that is how you see the patterns to create more consistency and higher-performing messages. 

The added bonus is when you bring a team member on board to replicate you; it’s a lot easier. For example, JC is doing LinkedIn outreach for some of my clients, and the speed at which he replicates my client’s voice is directly related to having sales messages all in one place. And like I said, when I’m mentoring someone, we can look at them at the end of the week and get the pattern.


How do you capture sales messages?

I recommend you do it by day. Start by listing the type of message (LinkedIn connection, email, social media), and then simply copy and paste it. There’s a little tool I use if you’re doing lots of them, and it is called Clipboard History Pro and has a Google extension. So you can use that, which allows you to grab them easily. What I like about ClickUp is that it gets each day. So if you put that in as a title, you can just go in and see them by day. But be honest, as I said, it doesn’t matter what you use,


Three key actions from today

  1. Create one place for sales messages 
  2. Enter your sales messages each day 
  3. Review your sales messages at the end of the week to improve them 


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