The key benefits of listening:

  1. How to market your own business 
  2. Tips to find someone 


The key actions:

  1. Make a call if you need to get help with your branding 
  2. Cast the net wide and seek specialists 
  3. Email me if you would like some recommendations and or see my process


Full Transcription:

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Today’s topic is:
Can’t see the label from within the jar
You will learn

  • Why marketing your own business is so hard
  • Tips on finding someone to help

I was a marketing director for one of the most iconic brands in the world – Coca-Cola. You think I should know a little about marketing.
I did two bachelors at uni – one in marketing and the other accounting. I can’t say I fitted in either camp.
I much preferred strategy, business models, sales, and team building.
Some people instinctively get marketing – I don’t. 
I have to work hard at it. Not my genius.
I launched Build Live Give in 2016 and it reflected my values of

  • Build a great business
  • To support your lifestyle
  • and give back

I love what it stood for and how it helped coaches and consultants to build a business and not a hobby – something meaningful to them and others. 
What I struggled with was how to articulate why and what I did to potential clients.
I could not see the label from within the jar.
I would much rather be helping my community get results. 
The success I had with Linkedin marketing camouflaged my marketing challenge. 
I had the content but not the context.
I love podcasting, wrote a book, and have all the tactics in place. But something is missing.
I had tried to solve it myself and sucked at it big time.
If you are great at what you do and love to serve, let someone else do the marketing for you.

Corporate branding is a lot different to personal branding – how have you found it?
Scott Gellatly and I built and sold a tech consulting business called Scale My Empire. A company brand made sense.
Carmen Pucci (a member of BLG Authority Machine) said recently – people are buying you first and then what you do.
I had hidden my personal brand for a long time due to my health challenges. 
In Nov 2018 I was seconds from passing and I didn’t want to put myself out there until I knew I was well enough to help others. I didn’t want to let people down.
After receiving a life-saving transplant from my best mate in Feb 2019 – I no longer need to hide.
Time to launch my personal brand and have Build Live Give as my product.
Before we go into tips to finding someone, I would like to talk to you about Dubb – D U B B. It is an All-in-one sales & marketing video platform that helps to attract, convert and retain more happy clients.
Time to stand out in an inbox by sending them videos
Today I had two calls with experts who can add significant value to my community
As a value add I recorded a video going through their Linkedin profile and posts – giving practical tips. It was so easy with Dubb’s chrome extension.
I can see when they watch it to help them. 
Why not check it out for yourself.
Go to

So you decide to get someone else to help you with the label – smart choice. But who do you use?
I have amassed 471 experts from around the globe to support coaches and consultants.
I had 50 branding people, in particular, to pick from.  I narrowed done the list to 5 for personal branding for coaches and consultants. I wanted someone who had a defined niche. 
I then threw the net broader

  • Facebook groups
  • Sales navigator search
  • Past peers and mentors

I shortlisted it to three and interviewed each. 
If you would like to see my selection criteria and process please email me at [email protected]
I will keep you updated on my progress and learning.

Three key actions from today:

  1. Make a call if you need to get help with your branding 
  2. Cast the net wide and seek specialists 
  3. Email me if you would like some recommendations and or see my process 

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Please take action to build your business and lifestyle
And stay well

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