Cameron Knox, CEO of Allume Energy is a self-proclaimed 2nd culture kid. As a child, he travelled the world with his family, following his father’s postings in the oil industry.
He went to Melbourne Uni and was very fortunate to be part of the accelerator program and found a role in helping indigenous communities reduce their energy consumption.
After a short period, he was given the CEO role and had to make some very tough calls as to balancing his commitments to the societies he was helping and commercialising their IP.
Cameron talks through his challenges on growing a team and getting funding. He also talks about the misconceptions about solar and why it is an industry which is misunderstood.
Cameron is very open in sharing his journey and there is a great value to be gained by listening to his journey.

What you will learn in the podcast
  • What it is like to work in an accelerator program
  • How he is changing the lives of Indigenous people in Australia
  • How to make difficult decisions as a young and inexperienced CEO
  • The importance of good people
  • The solar industry
  • How to select your ideal client
  • Having distinct zones for work and non-work
  • Importance of sleep

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