Today’s Topic is:

Calling BS on 12-month mentoring programs


You will learn:

  1. Why I believe in sprints not marathons
  2. How to find out how I do my sprints



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Today’s topic is:

Calling BS on 12-month mentoring programs

You will learn:

Why I believe in sprints not marathons
How to find out how I do my sprints

I read a book back in the early 2000’s – cannot remember the name – which said the first 90 days was the most important in your new role.

It made sense to me. When I would go into a new role I would listen to what people wanted to be changed and make the changes that made sense. It was bottom-up with me taking responsibility for the outcomes.

Each new starter in my team I would get them to present a 90 day to me and hold them accountable for delivering it.

Have you heard of this principle and did you do 90-day plans in your old corporate world?

Moving into my own business it felt different. I would set 90-day plans but work with mentors for up to 12 months.

I would learn from them and then go onto the next.

I have had some great mentors over my nine years.

Stefan Kazakis
Pete Williams
John Ramey
James Schramko
Jaime Masters

and have my success to thank them for, but if I had my time again I would have done it differently.

I would have worked in 12-week sprints with a clear end goal.

I just completed a 12-week sprint with Mary Henderson on launching my personal brand.

Before we go into this

I would like to talk to you about Dubb – D U B B. It is an All-in-one sales & marketing video platform that helps to attract, convert, and retain more happy clients.

I used it this week to record how-to videos for a new member of my team.

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We had a 12-week roadmap with key milestones backed up with weekly calls.

It really pushed me and my team and we achieved more than what I thought was possible.

Am I overwriting content – you bet.

Has it been worth it – 100%.

I now apply what I have learned from Mary and applied it to the way I run my mentoring program called BLG Accelerate.

There is an opportunity for clients to work with me after the 12 weeks, but we have already covered the 80/20 rule.

The downsides are:

  • More clients so more sales
  • Greater onboarding
  • The pressure of delivering results in a shorter timeframe
  • The results to my clients outway the internal downsides

So if you are thinking of entering a 12-month mentoring program it might be time to challenge the status quo. Ask them if they have a 90-day plan or sprint-based program.

If you are mentoring others, maybe it is time to test this yourself.


Three key actions from today

  • Challenge your assumptions around 12-month programs
  • Work in 12-week sprints
  • If you would like to see how I do it go to

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