26 – How To Turn Your Passion Into A Thriving Community with Brigit Esselmont


Brigit Esselmomt from Biddy Tarot started her career in management consulting after completing a commerce degree. As she explains, this is a long way from what she is doing now!
She now runs a team of 13 people with a community spanning the globe. She has made the sea change and could not be happier.
She talks through the transition from doing everything herself to building a team. She admits this still has its challenges.
This is a great journey of transformational change.

What you will learn in the podcast
  • How to leave the comfort of corporate to follow your passion
  • How to build and run a virtual team
  • What it takes to build online courses
  • Challenging yourself to play big
  • CEO day
  • How to communicate with a virtual team
  • Tech stack to run a community


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