Our guest today is Scott Ihrig from IM creative and he started his journey in corporate as a lawyer and after two years he realised he could not do it for the rest of his working life. He took a role for 6 weeks to set up an event for Radio City Entertainment and this led him to a wonderful career in events – where their motto is ‘Being together matters’.
Scott talks about the importance of picking the ideal client, how to scale a business whilst maintaining the integrity of your values.
Scott is also very active in the National MS society and talks about his personal reasons for this.

What you will learn in the podcast
  • The impact of repaying your education in the USA
  • How a family member who believes in you can make a massive difference to your journey
  • How to stay try to your brand values and picking the right clients
  • How to scale a business whilst keeping your values intact
  • How to stay connected to your team everyday – unique daily huddle technique
  • Important of contributing
  • Suite of tools to run a global business


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