Become a LinkedIn Influencer With Alex Pirouz

Sales Strategies for Consulting Businesses

The LinkedIn game could be confusing for most consultants and cloud partners. With around 750 million members, getting in front of key decision-makers and generating leads consistently could be very overwhelming.

In this episode, Alex Pirouz, from Linkfluencer, shares their four-step methodology on finding, connecting, and generating sales on LinkedIn, the platform they have built to make outreach more efficient and his Ambassador program.



04:25 – Key problems Alex helps his clients address. Get in front of key decision-makers and generate leads consistently.

05:42 – The transition from offline to online. Four-step methodology. 

16:50 – What is the impact on the connection limit on LinkedIn. Quality over quantity.

18:50 – What is Jayla, and what does for your business. A software that helps you track and get reports of your leads from LinkedIn.

27:40 – Ambassador program. 

31:35 – The Rapid Fire Section.


Four-step methodology to transition from offline to online

Linkfluencer has created the four-step methodology for finding, connecting, and generating sales with targeted prospects on LinkedIn. The methodology developed in 2013 has evolved over time. The goal is to help people to transition their business from offline to online. People often don’t transition well from one to another because they don’t have a system and lack confidence, which probably comes from not having a process. 

The system they provide works across many industries and gives people the confidence and the platform to manage all the new opportunities. These are the four steps:

  1. Develop your outcome

Most business owners use social media because they think it’s a good platform. They might have a strategy in place, but there is no connection between the platform and the business goals. Linkfluencer teaches people how to tie those elements within the outcomes and understand how the sales process works. 

  1. Target audience

You already know what industry you should be targeting, but do you know who you should be talking to? Who are the decision-makers? CEOs, founders, directors? What location? Usually, the uptake for your product or service is greater in some cities compared to others.

  1. Profile setup

You should develop one that connects with your particular audience. Most people write their profile based on what they feel needs to go on there, and they don’t stop and think about the audience they’re targeting. What you should be thinking about is what their challenges, objections, passions and interests are. And then combine that with your personal experience to get people emotionally connected to you and the brand.

  1. The connect stage

You’ve now got your profile, your outcome, and who you should be targeting. How do you actually get in front of them? During this step, Linkfluencer teaches their clients how to use sales navigator and what do you say to people when you have conversations opening up.


Connection limit on LinkedIn

When you go to a networking function, and you meet someone and introduce yourself, you don’t pitch yourself right away; instead, you build a relationship. Only on the third, fourth or fifth interaction, you start talking about seriously doing business with that person.

LinkedIn is no different. So if you send an invite and you’re pitching your service, no one will respond to that because you don’t even know if this person has a problem at this stage. As more people started using it, LinkedIn was becoming a bit spammy because people use automation tools and send blanket messages. If you spend the same amount of time sending a very targeted connection, invite five to 10 people a day, compared to the 20 that’s automated, you will get fewer conversations but more meetings, which is the ultimate goal.


Meet Jayla

Linkfluencer discovered two main problems small and medium companies face when it comes to business development and sales on LinkedIn: One, most people don’t have a strategy in place, and two, when they do, there is not a tool in the messaging area to tell you if your campaigns are doing well.

So Jayla was born to help generate and also manage leads on LinkedIn. When you make a connection or receive a message, you can add them to the software as an opportunity, set a date to follow up, populate your CRM  and a reporting function to tell you your acceptance rate.

As the acceptance rate goes, every industry is different, but generally speaking, 35 to 45% is what you should be shooting for. If you’re sending out a hundred invites a week, if you’re not getting about 10 conversations opening up, you’re doing something wrong. You should be getting 40 people accepting, and around 20 to 25% reply.


Ambassador Program

For Alex, the partnership model is somewhat broken because he thinks most people look at partnerships as an affiliate style relationship. So They created the Ambassador Program where they sit down with partners and figure out their assets and how we best communicate with their audience. It’s a strategy session to come up with a positioning piece or an offer for them. They give a percentage of the sales, and if they exit the business, they also provide them with a part of the business. “If they’re helping you get to exit, they should get a clip.”


The Rapid Fire Section

What are some daily sales habits that you do every day to help you accelerate your sales?

Reaching out to partners, doing phone calls, jumping online. You just have got to make it a habit. You have to wake up thinking that you’re going to make two or three new connections. If you do that, it becomes part of your lifestyle.

What’s a piece of technology that helps you accelerate your sales?

Sales navigator, which is like a premium tool of LinkedIn. It helps you refine your search from the 750 million members. You can see it’s an advanced search feature where you can engage with prospects. It’s awesome, and it’s only $99 a month.

Where do you go to find out more about sales?

I read a lot of articles and listen to podcasts. Um, podcasts? I try to make it a habit of listening to at least 10, 15 minutes of podcasts, whether it’d be on sales or marketing.

What is one action that we can take to 10 X our sales?

It’s going to sound simple, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t do it. You just got to show up every day; you’ve got to make a commitment to show up. And most people don’t. Most people show up sporadically here and there, and the results reflect their actions.


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About Alex Pirouz

Alex started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 13 where he got involved in a school fundraiser selling chocolate door to door to raise money for charity. After quitting school halfway through year 11, he went on to launching businesses in the property, health, publishing, and advertising industries with no real success.

Hitting rock bottom at the age of 26 and having less than $1500 to his name, he decided to give it one last roll of the dice partnering with a friend to launch a door to door sales company in Wollongong. Over the space of 18 months, they managed to scale the business into a seven-figure company employing over 45 staff. After successfully exiting that business, he went on to launch and exit another business in the automotive industry before moving back to Sydney to start his own advisory firm.

Using LinkedIn to grow that business, he saw a need for LinkedIn marketing services and as such launched his 8th company linkfluencer®. Started in 2013, linkfluencer® mission is to help SMEs and corporates close more deals and grow their business on LinkedIn. In a little over 8 years, linkfluencer® helped over 5,000 clients across 60 different countries and 35 industries. Some of these clients include KPMG, Westpac, Hotline IT, AmCham, NAB, Speakers Institute, and the Liberal Party.

Today Alex spends most of my time focusing on the strategic direction of linkfluencer®. Outside of this he also sits on a number of boards and has investment interests in several tech startups.

On a personal side, Alex is a huge fan of basketball, competitive as hell, passionate about giving back to the community and speaking on stage.

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