Our guest today Barbara Turley from The Virtual Hub is an inspiration to Build Live Give listeners.
She has worked herself to the bone in corporate, felt the personal impacts of the global financial market collapse and build a wonderful business benefiting 100’s of small business owners whilst starting a family. Is there anything this smart lady can’t do?
Barb goes into the specifics of her challenges and gives listeners her unique experiences in solving many of the challenges we all face.
This interview has great practical advise for BLG listeners.

What you will learn in the podcast
  • The realities of starting your own business
  • How to set up virtual teams
  • How to use a Virtual Assistant
  • Key problems small business owners face and how to solve them
  • Problem/Solution gap
  • Why it is important to pivot
  • What tools and resources you need to run a Virtual team
  • Barb’s hidden talents
  • What cause she is passionate about and when is the best time to devote your
    energy to causes


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