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A big shout out to Mark for their question today, which was on Webinars. And it’s very timely because I’ve just finished a full in-depth, six-week webinar launch. And I want to give you my top-line thoughts. Please check out past shows on your favorite platform. Just search Build Live, Give.


So today’s topic Is B2B webinars.


You will learn two key things. One: my key learnings from doing the current one. Now, this is all Pre I’ll talk to you about the Post later and also who you can get help from because believe me, it is not something you should do by yourself.

So I was about to launch a group coaching program, and yes, we’d done a lot of great ways of bringing clients in, but I also wanted to throw webinars in the mix sort of title together. Now I must admit I hadn’t had much success in the past, so I don’t know if you’ve had success with webinars. I’ve certainly used the live-on-demand Masterclasses, which have been hugely successful, but it’s been a while since I have done a live webinar.


Now, the last time I did a live one, I don’t think my offer was quite right. I didn’t have enough traffic. And also I was very ill at the time going through my transplant. So, you know, let’s say it didn’t go to plan. Anyway, I was introduced to someone who’s actually a member of our community. She’s now become a member of our community but introduced by another community member.

And I’ll mention her specifically in the next section of this very podcast. So what I’m going to do is just go through my raw learnings. Basically, the webinar is in two days time, and this is, you know, me getting right to the end and just sharing my learnings. Now, I’m also happy to jump on a call with you and share my project plan. I’ll build it in Asana. We can take it into a CSV. It doesn’t really matter, but I’ve just documented everything that myself and my team have done. So I do think you should get someone else, but also give you an incredible step-by-step plan on doing it internally. And like I said, I’d definitely get an expert though to help. I wouldn’t do this by myself. And what I loved is the expert that I got was a: Done with you.

So basically they gave the KIP to my team and then that was on a weekly call for an hour. Then we went away and worked with them. We did have a little bit of access to them as well, but it was brilliant doing it in that way. And I highly recommend you have a team involved in this. This is not a solo sport.


So the first key thing was build your list, right?

Because as people say, you build all of your audience on social platforms for us, it’s particularly LinkedIn, but then you actually do the selling and the conversion on your list.
Now I must admit I had an okay list. It was about 700 strong, but I’ve got 1600 first connections on LinkedIn that serves the business a big disconnect. And I also had about 400 people in my sales CRM that I’d had great conversations with, they knew me personally, but I’d never actually asked them to go on the list.

So long story short, Jules Dan, as you can find him in LinkedIn we will actually have the links to his profile as well. He helped us out. And he wrote a fantastic reactivation program and it did two things.

  1. It helped bring people to the list, but it also got new members into my Sales Machine, which is my membership program. So that was great. Thanks Dan, for your help.
  2. The next key thing was mapping out the key milestones. Now we didn’t do this too well. I said I wanted to launch it in the middle of February. And then I said, okay, let’s just put it in a Google sheet, every day leading up to the launch. So let’s say there were 56 days when I did this to launch and where all the key milestones that I quickly realized that we’re way too optimistic.

So we had to change everything. I highly recommend doing that and do it at the start. Not like a quarter of the way through, like I did a researcher theme it must be really compelling to get people onto a webinar. So I highly recommend that.


The next thing is the retro page right?

So I think it should have a video, but also should be written by someone that’s done the research. So Jules did a lot of research on my ideal client, spoke to my clients, past clients and used that to help me improve the copy. I did the first copy by myself and it was atrocious and then he improved it. So you can check that out. I think it’s still live by my team, which is paulhigginsmentoring.com/sales, then LinkedIn events.

So the person that I worked with I nearly gave it away, has done LinkedIn events well it just made sense to me. I’ve got 16,000 followers. I get thousands of views to my posts every day. So it made sense. So what we did was set up the event. There’s quite a little bit of work in that. And the person I worked with gave me a whole detail on that.

But one of the key things is that once they go to the event that doesn’t actually register them. So make sure that you direct message people that have said yes, they want to go to the event that haven’t actually registered. And we had little tags in our sales CRM to track all of that. So there’s a little bit of nuance there, but it’s really important to do that because you want to make sure that you get everyone.

The other one is, make sure that your first connections are in line with the LinkedIn event or your target market. So what I realized is that I changed strategy late last year. I was helping a lot of solo coaches and consultants. And I still do that through my Sales Machine, but this was a high ticket item, right? This is my group Mentoring Program. And a lot of the people, it wasn’t the right fit for. So we really got caught out by thinking, you know, Oh, this is going to be a huge amount of first connections that will go to the event. But we realized that that wasn’t the case.


Now, before we jump into the learnings or some continued learnings, I’d like to talk about DUBB

It’s an all-in-one sales and marketing platform that helps to attract, convert and retain more happy clients. I used it in this process to send videos to people that are registered to the event. And I’ll talk about that in a moment. Anyway, why don’t you check it out for yourself? Just go to buildlivegive.com/dubb.


So the next part is the slide deck, right?

I think the key learnings for me is, just follow a template and I was given a template to follow, and it was bringing in the one weekly coaching to go through and tweak and work out exactly what you’re gonna say each slide. I think it’s good to have chat, have polls, etcetera, to get constant engagement, right.

Make it like I am, I’m talking to you and I hope you feel that rather than talking at you, that’s the big difference. I have a bonus for all the people that attended the event, promotional posts.

We had multi-platforms, we had Facebook, we had Instagram, we had Twitter as well. And the great thing was that my team came up with them, and then the person that was helping me with it actually verified and helped sign those off. So that was hugely beneficial. Also I spoke before about Jules. He wrote the email campaign to go to the list as well. So we got people on the list and then we obviously gave the offer and there were about 11 emails that went out. He did a brilliant job there and also five posts that are going out as well.


The next is around LinkedIn outreach.

So, what you really want to do is direct message your ideal client here. And I think for us, we realized that we didn’t have as many. So if you go into your connections, you can actually now filter, there’s a lot more filters and you can filter by industry.

For me, a lot of it’s management consultants, outsourcing businesses and also tech resellers, but it was hard to sort of locate them and not as many of those as I thought. So actually, while you’re building up for the webinar, make sure you’re bringing more people in, new connections in, which will hopefully still see the webinar in time.

And the other key one is as I said before, some people came through the event, but what you can do is direct message people to get on the event. And also if people are on the event, but haven’t actually registered, make sure that you’re doing outreach to them as well.


The next one is sending a video.

Like I said, I am using DUBB to send a video to people that I think is a perfect match of my ideal client. I sent them a short video prior. I had their LinkedIn profile open. I’d talk a bit about them, complimented them, talked about, you know, what they’re going to gain from being on the webinar. And I’ve had a really good response rate for that.

So I’ll be able to give you in the next episodes. I’ll split this into two, the post one on exactly how that went.


Posting on LinkedIn, it’s really important to give value. So I did give value. I gave sales scripts, etcetera.

Give something that is really, really important. And then people will comment, and that will get people in, but I’ve done quite a few LinkedIn posts. You go back and obviously see those, the other one is channel partners. Now I must admit I didn’t do this as well as I’d like, I’ve always talked about those great channel partners, which have been fantastic, but I left it too late to give them the assets.

They need to make it easy. So a couple of my partners did do that, but next time I do it, I will have a better plan on that.

Our Slack, so we’ve got the Sales Machine, which is a great community. So what we’ve done is set up a Slack channel in there so that they can all communicate pre and post the webinar in there. And it’s easy for us to communicate too.

A Scorecard. I think this is so critical once again, we set this up a little late, but the person I work with was really great and saying, well, what am I going to be all of your channels to effectively get people to register and keep targets against those and then keep total registrations. And we did it day on day. So that was really good.

And the key people that were helping in my team selling, I was having daily meetings to talk about that. The last one, and I know this one’s going a bit longer than I normally do, but it is top of mind, is the target market and offer alignment.


So in hindsight, I think this webinar would have been suited for my Sales Machine, which is my membership, more towards my current, first connections on LinkedIn and not the group program. Just make sure you get that right at the start. I’ve learned it and will apply it.
But I will be doing part two, as I said, for my learnings post the webinar. So I can show you that I’ll be able to give you some specific numbers and please subscribe to this podcast so you don’t miss it.


And I know I’ve been building it up, but a huge shout out to Sarah Gray. We’ll have a link in the show notes, but she’s the one that’s helped us. She’s been fantastic. And her website is called, soldoutsuccess.com.

I don’t know how many times I listen to her podcast. Someone mentioned something that quick, that I’ve got to keep going back, keep going back, especially when I listen to it two and a half, three times speed. So I hope you got that.


Okay. Key actions from today:

  1. Are webinars right for you, right? So look at your ideal client and then make sure that it aligns to that. You can go and look at the landing page again at paulhigginsmentoring.com/sales.
  2. Talk to Sarah. Okay. If you want to do this, she is fantastic at supporting.
  3. Book a call to see my project plan. So just go to blgmeeting.com and you can book a 30 minute call there with me, and I’m happy to take you through it and also subscribe for my post learnings as well as I mentioned before.

So you can get all the links in the show notes at paulhigginsmentoring.com/podcast episode 276, or on the app you’re listening to now I recommend the pocket cast app. Listen, also to 0.5 as I’ve said before. And if you want to know if you’re going to have a high or low seven figure service business in 2021 go to paulhigginsmentoring.com/assessment.

All these links. I know it’s hard to write them all. They’re all in the show notes. And that assessment it’s 15 questions in three minutes, but it’s got a real outcome at the end. Please follow me on LinkedIn. If you know someone interested in webinars, please share it with them. They would love you for it. Remember to ask those follow-up questions as well, just like Mark did. So that’s paulhigginsmentoring.com/questions.

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