353 – B2B Revenue Growth Engine with Darrell Amy

Accelerating Sales to Scale your Business 

We all know that sales and marketing depend on each other, but we often see those teams go in different directions. During this episode, Darrell Amy, founder of Revenue Growth Engine, explains how a sales and marketing alignment could be the key to accelerating your business’s growth.

He also shares two ways to get revenue, why quarterly business reviews are so important and why inbound is not the best strategy for B2B companies.




02:21 – Who are some of the clients that Darrell loves to work with? Companies that are in the business to business space have sales teams.

04:40 – Marketing and sales alignment. These two need to work hand in hand, but sadly, that rarely happens.

09:18 – Ideal client profile. It’s someone that has value, and value is when they buy everything that you sell.

13:20 – Two key ways to make revenue.

19:59 – Another core principle in sales. Buyers don’t buy products; they buy outcomes.

20:51 – The best sales tip. Quarterly business review.

25:28 – Inbound is not a way to get sales for B2B. If you know who your ideal customer is, you should know who your ideal prospects are by name.

30:34 – The Rapid Fire Section




Marketing and sales alignment

After having one foot in the sales training world and one foot in the marketing world, Darrell realised they were pulling in opposite directions and talking different languages most of the time. According to him, If we take everything we know needs to be done for sales and the best practices for marketing and put them together, we could see real growth. There’s a lot of benefit for businesses that get sales and marketing aligned and pointed in the direction they want to go. 

One of the best things that sales and marketing can do to begin the alignment process is to get in a room together and begin to talk about who your best fit client is. If you don’t have a marketing and sales budget like Nike or Coca-Cola, you’ve got to be focused on how you use your limited sales and marketing budget. So understanding who your ideal clients are, it’s a great point of alignment between sales, marketing and maybe even operations.


Two key ways to make revenue

  1. Cross-selling more to your current clients.
  2. Net New

Most companies are usually good at one or the other. They’re good at net new, but they really struggle when it comes to growing their business. When you get both of those going at the same time, you will get exponential growth. Let me illustrate this with some numbers. If you have 10 to 12% growth in net new business (number of clients) and simultaneously put the processes in place to drive cross-sell revenue (revenue per client) and grow that by 10 to 12% a year, you can organically double the size of your business in about 36 months.

And usually, with a sales mindset, we think of net new. It’s always about getting more new business. It’s painful to realise that the epidemic in business now for growth in most businesses is cross-selling additional products and services to existing clients. Nobody’s putting effort. So, if there’s an area where you’re weak, let’s say cross-sell, put processes in place. And once you do that, you would get the two metrics that every business owner and sales and marketing leaders should have: Number of clients and revenue per client. Both of those should be going in the right direction.


What is one of your best sales tips?

Three words: Quarterly business review. Meet with your key clients (80-20 rule). And if you think they don’t want to do that, that is a symptom that you’ve probably been wasting their time by talking about how well your company did. News flash: No one cares about that. What we need to talk about in a quarterly business review is their business questions. And they don’t have to be complicated. What are the things that are top of mind for your business? What are your top strategic initiatives in your organization? Where are you going? What are you excited about? As a salesperson, you are trained to talk about pain, so find the pain.


Inbound is not a way to get sales for B2B

In business, where you know who your ideal prospects are, what you don’t need to do is sit and wait for a fish to hopefully swim by and nibble on one of your lead magnets and hopefully engage with the follow‑up stream of emails. What you do need is engagement. They should hear about you directly from you because it doesn’t get done unless you do that. Inbound is fantastic. However, you need outbound on sales when you are in B2B and know who your ideal client is. And on the marketing side, you don’t get off the hook either. In any campaign, what you need to know is what engagement you got with these companies on our ideal prospect list? The sales goal is a hundred per cent coverage. The marketing goal is a hundred per cent engagement with every one of these accounts.


The Rapid Fire Section


What are some of the daily habits that you do to help to accelerate your sales?

I’m going to say learning. If you’re going to be a trusted advisor, if you’re going to add value, you got to learn something. You got to have something to talk about. And so, I think that one of the best things sales professionals can do is block time every week to learn something. And when I say learn something, I’m not just talking about your product, I’m talking about business, the people that you sell to, whether it’s picking up a book, listening to a book, taking a college course, reading Harvard business review, doing something substantive so that you have something to talk about and you add some real value to add. This is the X factor I believe in what makes a successful sales rep.


What are some of the tech tools that you use to accelerate your sales?

I think the core technologies right now are the connectors because here’s the deal. Ideally, everything would live on one platform, but the reality is it doesn’t. In most organizations, you’ve got a lot of different platforms. So to me, the killer app right now is anything that syncs all of it up. So if you’ve got a CRM, is it connected to your marketing automation system? Is it connected to your core data on your customers? So the world we live in makes it possible for all these things to talk in ways that were not possible.


What’s one action that someone can take to 10 X their sales today?

I’m going to say process because businesses run on processes. Every area of business runs on the process until you get to sales and marketing. And then it’s like the wild west, right? So I think the best thing a company can do to prepare themselves to scale 5X, 10X, 100X is to put the processes in place and accelerate growth.


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About Darrell Amy

Darrell knows how to help businesses grow. Rolling up his sleeves, he works behind the scenes with executives, sales leaders, and marketing professionals to develop and execute revenue growth strategies. He knows what works and what doesn’t, and he is sharing this information in his new best-selling book Revenue Growth Engine: How To Align Marketing and Sales to Accelerate Growth.

Over the past 27 years, Darrell has been a leader in sales and marketing, giving him a unique perspective on sales and marketing alignment. In sales, he has trained over 1,000 salespeople and developed training programs for multiple Fortune 500 companies. Since 2004, he has also led a marketing agency, helping companies leverage the latest digital marketing strategies.

As a member of the Forbes Business Council and the C-Suite Network Advisors team, Darrell advises executives on ways to grow. He co-founded Convergo, a firm that helps companies align marketing and sales to drive growth. Darrell is the host of the Revenue Growth Podcast and the co-host of the Selling

From the Heart Podcast. As a board member of several non-profit organizations, Darrell is especially passionate about helping companies increase revenue so they can give back to their communities and impact the world.


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