Our guest today Anfernee Chansamooth has lived a full and exciting life which he shares openly for the Build Live Give community.
He has worked for one of the largest companies in the world, lived in multi-countries and is a descendant of a Laos chief – where he gets his sense of community and giving.
He has launched several businesses after falling ill to a rare disease impacting the brain. Anf gives a masterclass on determining what you stand for and how you express this to your tribe. Anf’s sense of giving will inspire you to do the same.
This interview is full of great tips on content and one not to miss.

What you will learn in the podcast

  • What it takes to be a world-class connector
  • How many blogs you need to be significant in the eyes of Google
  • Why multiple mediums are important when it comes to sharing your story
  • How a platform called Podio has made it easy for him to collaborate
  • Three great podcasts to add to your playlist


Links mentioned in the podcast

Connect With Anfernee Chansamooth


Connect With Paul and Build Live Give



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