Our guest today Amelia Lee is the founder of Undercover Architect and she has scaled the heights of global architecture, build a private firm with fellow colleagues and did a ‘green’ change and lives on an 80-acre property in the Byron hinterland. This is a truly extraordinary transformation and one worth listening to.
What you will learn in the podcast

  • What it is like to live and work overseas
  • What happens in the construction industry when there is a downturn and how you can take control
  • The importance of finding the right coach
  • How to find a tribe to support you and how that can inspire you to do the same
  • How to work with your family in involving them in your journey of self-discovery
  • How one opportunity to make a difference in someone’s  life can change yours for the better
  • The hunger project and what it does
  • How to build your tribe
  • How to manage social media

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