Allan worked in blue-chip corporates in IT in Australia, but knew as an employee he’ll make a great solopreneur. 
He built a great business delivering exceptional value to clients, however, he knew something missing  – new leads. 
He went on a journey to solve this and now has turned that experience into the number one selling marketing book on Amazon. 

Why listen

  • Learn how to have a best selling book 
  • Find out what is essential in a marketing plan to deliver leads 
  • Learn  how to build a team to work 25 hours a week and live 


What you will also learn 

  • How to not mix up major and minor activities in your business 
  • How to get help to fast track your growth
  • How to set up your business to handle 100% growth year on year
  • A killer tip on building a team to avoid you been the bottleneck 
  • Removing decisions in your life to make it easier
  • Work when work time and play when playtime


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