Alison Shaw – Founder of Shaw Mediation Australia always wanted to be a teacher or lawyer and took the path of the later. She won a prestigious competition which saw her represent Australia in the USA.
She was influenced by family mentors and entered in Family Law. She started a boutique firm which was very successful and then had a life-changing moment. She goes into detail as to what they were and how it has positively impacted what she does today.
Alison is passionate about mediation and is looking to solve it on a National level. She talks about her struggles in doing this and provides some specific and actionable advise.

What you will learn in the podcast
  • How to rebound from professional burn out
  • The importance of giving back
  • The difficult road of being a pioneer
  • How long it takes to be successful and what you need to do to keep sane
  • Importance of referral business
  • How to successfully run a virtual team
  • Her morning routine
  • Mapping out your ideal week
  • Importance of remaining focused


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