AJ Wilcox from B2Linked loved technology growing up in Utah but had a fascination with marketing inspired by his father – they would analyse ads together during the episodes of Star Trek.

After working at his University in tech support he tenaciously created an opportunity to work in agency land, combining his love of technology and marketing to focus on SEO and PPC.
He began using Linkedin ads to produce amazing results for his company. He studied and research hard and loved every minute of what he did – he just fell out of love with the person he was working for.
One day he was asked to a meeting with HR and you know the rest of the story. AJ was let go and had his wife and four children to take care of.
A Linkedin sales person had let slip that he was spending more on Linkedin ads than anyone else and there was no one owning the space. So with the support of his wife Jessica, he launched is own Linkedin ads agency. The first 5 months were hard but he is now scaling fast.
AJ openly shared his struggles and expertise. He has great energy and you will get a lot from this podcast.

What you will learn in the podcast
  • How difficult it can be in the first few months of starting your own business
  • How you can create a niche to become the best in the world at something
  • What were his greatest fears and how to overcome them
  • Why going solo is the right decision
  • Secrets to Linkedin advertising
  • Challenges he faces working with corporate in America


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